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Our Honor Roll Expands

Our Honor Roll Expands

Honor Roll Honorees
Honor Roll Honorees
(From left): Frank P. Liu, Mike Ireland and Quentin Nguyen

Mike Ireland, the Rev. Frank P. Liu, and Quentin “Q” Nguyen have been chosen as District 10’s additions to the Saint Paul Neighborhood Honor Roll for 2017. The annual award is given to residents or organizations who make a sustained and lasting impact to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood and the city at large.

The Como Community Council Board selected the winners out of 13 nominees submitted to District 10 by community members. They were honored at a citywide celebration Jan. 26 at the University of St. Thomas, and will be immortalized by having their names engraved in a plaque at City Hall.

  • Ireland brings energy, enthusiasm, and vision to neighborhood activities. In his role as chair of District 10’s Environment Committee and beyond, he links neighbors, organizations, and their projects to each other and the larger community. Plus, he gets his hands dirty: He personally helps maintain District 10’s organics recycling site, and leads by example each fall in the Como Curb Cleanup.
  • Liu, who is pastor at Mission Orthodox Presbyterian Church, also is a volunteer chaplain for the Saint Paul Police Department, works with homeless residents of the city, and organized his neighborhood congregation to deliver toys and books to the local children’s hospitals and to serve free lunches. As a neighbor, he shows up: shoveling sidewalks, serving at neighborhood picnics, and working environmental activities.
  • Nguyen transforms one of Como’s busiest corners with topiaries of magical shapes, a hanging herb garden growing in 7-Up bottles, whimsical animals, and a lawn planted with bright mounds of moss. This year, Quentin used his visibility to raise $3,800 for victims of Hurricane Maria. “This is something I can do,” he says, “remind people to do something nice to each other.”

Previous Honor Roll winners from District 10
Elaine Allen, David Arbeit, Jeanne Baumann, Roger Bergerson, Ted Blank, Pete Bolstad, Janna Caywood, Susan Jane Cheney, Churchill Gardens stewards, Sehoya Cotner, Valerie Cunningham, Marylyn Deneen, Frank Dolejsi, Cate Smith Edlund, Ronald J. Edlund, Sharon Frisell

Also, Chris Harkness, Theresa “Teri” Heyer, Hubert H. Humphrey Job Corps Center, Panoud Klongtruatroke, Jon Knox, Jerry Krieger, Dan Krivit, Luke Kuhl, Josh Leonard, Jillian Lerien, William Lipkin, Mike MacDonald, Anne McInerney, Chris Martineau

Also, Marcy Micek, Chet Mirocha, Debra Pursley, Dennis O’Rourke, Janice Rettman, Deb Robinson, Tony Schaps, Matt Schmidt, Paul Seeba, Sharon Shinomiya, Roberta Sladky, Brian Tucker, Nathan Volz, Jerome Wagner, Sally Worku