Como Regional Park

For over one hundred years, Como Park has played a vital role in meeting the recreational needs of residents of Saint Paul and surrounding communities. Frederick Nussbaumer, Superintendent of Parks from 1891 to 1922, was inspired in part by the landscape designs of H.W.S. Cleveland. Nussbaumer worked tirelessly to create an outdoor haven for the area’s urban population.

He strongly advocated for a wide variety of free or reasonably priced recreational activities, services, and educational opportunities for all park visitors. The park as we know it today continues to carry out this original vision.

Insider Tips for a Great Trip to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Coming to Como this summer?  Here are some insider tips to help you make the most of your visit during this busy season.

Want to see the animals in action?  Then come to Como Zoo when it opens at 10am to experience the animals during the most active part of their day. 

Avoid the Field Trip Frenzy!  As the school year winds down, school buses descend for field trips from more than 60 Minnesota counties.  To avoid the volune, schedule weekday trips for 2pm or later, after the field trips have gone home.

What about weekends?  Though weekends can be busy, Sunday mornings can be surprisingly quiet.  Stop by before noon to smell the roses.

Where do I park?  Resident permit parking restrictions are in effect from May 1 – September 30, which means there’s no parking allowed on many streets west of Como Park between 10am-4pm.  This year, it’s smart to try out Como’s convenient shuttle bus service, which runs daily from June 1 – Labor Day weekend.

Lock your car door/don’t leave valuables in sight.  Don’t be a victim of auto theft.  Make sure your car is locked and leave valuables at home. 

Como Friends is a voluntary membership association that supports the Como Zoo and Conservatory. 

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