District 10 Como Community Council

Recorded Presentations

Did you miss presentations given during our monthly meetings or as part of our Sunday Series? Watch the recording instead.

D10 Awarded Lawns to Legumes Grant

We are excited to announce that the Como Community Council was awarded the Lawns to Legume Demonstration Neighborhood Grant through the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR)! A group of community members linked to the Environment Committee proposed a plan for pollinator habitats throughout the Como Sub-district 4 Community.

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2022 Sunday Series – The Courts

Edward Sheu is a Ramsey County District Court Judge, a former D10 board member and volunteer, and a D10 resident for the past 18 years. Sheu will present on our least understood branch of government–the courts.

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2022 Sunday Series – Welcoming The Dear Neighbor?

The Welcoming the Dear Neighbor? economics team is researching the impact of racial covenants and other types of housing discrimination on demographic and economic outcomes including upward mobility. This work is in collaboration with the Mapping Prejudice Project which seeks to map racial covenants in the Twin Cities.

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Recorded Presentation: 1-4 Unit Housing Study Webinar

Saint Paul’s Zoning Code controls how much housing can be built in certain parts of the City. These requirements make it difficult to build enough new housing to fix Saint Paul’s current housing shortage. City Council Resolution 18-1204 and the 2040 Comprehensive Plan call for studying ways to allow more neighborhood-scale housing in all areas of the City.

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Recorded Presentation: Jumping Worms- April 14, 2021

In a presentation to District 10’s Environment Committee, Ryan Hueffmeier, a researcher in the University of Minnesota’s Jumping Worm’s Project, explains the threats jumping worms pose to Minnesota gardens, forests, and soils; how to find jumping worms; how to distinguish them from other earthworms; what to do if you do find them; how to prevent them from spreading; and how to report them to researchers. Here is additional information from the U of M Extension on precautions to take when swapping plants, and advice on identifying and eliminating jumping worms from your property. (April 14, 2021)

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Recorded Presentation: Housing Stability- January 27, 2021

Saint Paul Ward 4 Councilmember Mitra Jalali discusses city and county efforts to provide more housing stability. Her conversation with District 10’s Anti-Racism Work Group covers the funding, policy, and political hurdles to reducing homelessness, creating more housing for a wider range of people, and preserving affordable housing; some of the innovative affordable housing options under consideration (and the challenges to making them happen); what’s necessary to change the hearts and minds of residents in communities such as Como to accept and advocate for a larger range of housing options; and the complexities that affect decisions by unhoused residents and the professionals trying to find appropriate indoor homes for them. (Jan. 27, 2021)

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Recorded Presentation: Redefinition of “Family”- November 4, 2020

Planner Michael Wade gives the Como Community Council’s Land Use Committee a presentation and answers questions about proposals to redefine “family” in the city zoning code. Any revision would change how many related adults and unrelated adults could legally constitute a household in Saint Paul. The intent, in theory, is to better accommodate multi-generational families, extended families, and families sharing living space in order to afford housing. (Nov. 4, 2020)

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Recorded Presentation: Unhoused Residents- October 20, 2020

Ramsey County Commissioner Trista MatasCastillo gives the Como Community Council board an extensive overview of the county’s efforts to find housing for residents living on the streets. Those efforts include housing residents at Bethesda Hospital and at hotels such as the Best Western in Bandana Square. (Oct. 20, 2020)

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