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District 10 Como Park is home to a variety of wonderful community assets, find them all here in our Community Directory.

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Business Licensing

In 2022, the St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) made changes to business licensing to address business owners concerns about the length of time it takes to obtain certain business licenses, as well the community’s interest in being involved in business licensing conversations earlier. The basic process is explained below, but please check the DSI website for more details and the latest information.

Class N Business Licenses include: alcohol, auto related, entertainment, health club, gambling, parking ramp, and rental hall.

  1. Prior to applying for a Class N license, business owner must notify (via mail or in-person delivery) their District Council (DC).
    1. Business owners will use the Class N License District Council Form to notify the DC.
    2. Applicants must self-certify on the license application that they provided the Form to the DC.
    3. If DSI has not heard from a DC by the completion of an application review, they will contact the DC.
      • Applicants who do not provide the DC Form to the respective DC will minimally result in a delay in the 15-day community notification being sent until the DC has time to review.
  2. After application review, DSI Licensing will send out 15-day community notification to properties within 350 feet.
      • This replaced the previous 45-day and 30-day notification processes.
      • Combining the 15-day notification period with DSI Licensing’s approximate 15-day application review allows for a community review of 30 days or longer. 
  3. In addition, DSI now highlights two messages through various communications.
    1. The notification process takes on a more positive tone.
      • Residents are asked for both their objections and support of the new business
    2. Residents are informed they do not need to wait to raise business concerns with the City.
      • During the life of a license, the City has the same rights, requirements, and abilities to take Adverse License Action. Time of application and renewal do not offer additional abilities.
      • The sooner the City is involved, the quicker and more successful the resolution.
      • Please contact DSI Licensing for assistance in working with businesses to resolve issues/concerns: dsicomplaints@ci.stpaul.mn.us or 651-266-8989.