District 10 Como Community Council

Don’t Forget These Party Supplies

Don’t Forget These Party Supplies

District 10 has street barricades and portable recycling containers that community members can use for block parties, neighborhood, or family events. You can borrow the recycling containers for free; there are two kinds:

  • For cans, bottles and other items you can include in your weekly recycling.
  • For food scraps and other compostable organics.

The street barricades are required by the city when you block off your street or alley — but ours are a more-affordable option than getting them from Public Works. Barricades require a $50 deposit. We return $40 when you return the barricades. Reservations are first-come, first-served. (To borrow our barricades, you must have an event permit from the city.)

To reserve any of this equipment, call our office at 651-644-3889, or send us an email.