District 10 Como Community Council

Nov. 3 Land Use Committee Agenda

Nov. 3 Land Use Committee Agenda

Streetcar Station

The Land Use Committee typically meets on the first Wednesday of every month. All D10 Como Park meetings are open to the public and have space for community members to bring topics for discussion.

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Land Use Committee – District 10 Como Community Council – 11/3/2021 – Agenda

  1. Call to order 7:00pm – Join meeting info above
  2. Amend/Adopt Agenda
  3. Land Use Voting Procedures Reminders
  4. New Business
    1. Zoning Variance Request
      1. 1079 Montana W
    2. 1-4 Housing Study – City Of St Paul (Study Website) (FAQ from site)
    3. Land Use Committee Budget for 2022
    4. State Fair Safety – Oct 26 neighborhood meeting follow up
  5. Old Business
  6. Updates
  • Class N License Renewals – community feedback request
    • Bole Ethiopian Cuisine
      • Wine on Sale (exp. Jan 7), Malt on Sale (Strong) (exp. Jan 7),
        Liquor-Outdoor Service Area (Patio) (exp. Jan 7)
    • Ted’s Rec
      • Liquor on Sale – 100 seats or less (exp. Jan 31), Liquor on Sale – 2
        AM Closing (exp. Jan 31), Liquor on Sale – Sunday (exp. Jan 31),
        Entertainment (B) (exp. Jan 31)
    • Best Western
      • Liquor on Sale – 101-180 Seats (exp. Jan 3)
  • 1508 Como Ave declared Nuisance Property
  • 1554 Midway – Holden House
    • Working to complete our site work before 12-01-21
    • Beginning to paint the interiors of apartments 11-04-21
    • 75% done with our beautiful new windows
    • Complete all sheetrock work in all apartments by 01-31-22
    • Certificate of Occupancy planned for the middle to end of March 2022
    • First resident move-ins by 04-04-22
    • Jeff Laux will attend the Jan 5 Land Use Meeting
  • Class N License Process Update (Summary of Proposal PDF)
    • Class N: on-sale liquor, auto related, parking lots, health/sports club licenses
    • Current system: a notification process requiring a 30-45 day period for responses/objections, a hearing, and sometimes a petition documenting support of a percentage of neighbors or a district council.
    • Proposal: eliminate petition requirements, require applicants to provide District Council specifics of proposed business prior to submitting application to the city, replace 30-45 day notification and hearing process with a 15 day one. Class N applications would be voted on by the city council.
      • These types would be removed from the notification requirement:
        Hotel/Motel, Currency Exchange, New Motor Vehicle dealer,
        Game Room, Parking Lots/Garages, Pool Hall/Bowling Center,
        Theaters/Movie Theaters, Drive-In Theaters.
    • Ordinance change process on this will happen in December or January
  • Coming events
    1. Next Board Meeting – November 16th @ 7pm
    2. Next Land Use Meeting – December 5th @ 7pm 
  • Adjourn 9:00pm

*Agenda subject to change