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lawns to legumes: Round Two of Residential Installations

lawns to legumes: Round Two of Residential Installations

The Saint Paullinators are happy to announce that they will be doing a second round of residential installations in the South Como Lawns to Legumes Demonstration Neighborhood.  The first round in 2022 installed 5 boulevard gardens and 3 bee lawns in our community.  This time there will be a smaller number of installations – up to 4 –  and will be restricted to boulevard gardens.

They will again work with local installer Sacred Space Gardens for the installations, which can include up to 750 sq. ft. of boulevard.   Applications will open on April 3rd and will be due by April 27th.  If you are interested in applying, please follow the Saint Paullinators on Facebook or sign up for the Como Community Council newsletter (bottom of the page) for updates on the projects and applications or email organizer@district10comopark.org with questions.

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