District 10 Como Community Council

July 18, 2023 D10 Board Meeting

July 18, 2023 D10 Board Meeting

The D10 Board typically meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:15pm. All D10 Como Park meetings are open to the public and have space for community members to bring topics for discussion. This meeting will take place hybrid at the Como Streetcar Station (1224 Lexington Pkwy) and also via Zoom.

D10 Board Recurring Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 816 5645 6655
Passcode: 1234567
One tap mobile: +13017158592,,81656456655#,,,,*1234567#
Call in to meeting: +1 312 626 6799

D10 Como Community Council Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

This meeting will take place hybrid at the Como Streetcar Station (1224 Lexington Pkwy) and also via video conferencing and telephone access, access details below.

  • Call to Order (Board Chair, Jenne Nelson)
  • Land Acknowledgement
    “We are standing on the ancestral lands of the Dakota People. We want to acknowledge the Ojibwe, the Ho Chunk, and the other nations of people who also called this place home. We pay respects to their elders past and present. Please take a moment to consider the treaties made by the tribal nations that entitle non-Native people to live and work on traditional Native lands. Consider the many legacies of violence, displacement, migration, and settlement that bring us together here today. And please join us in uncovering such truths at any and all public events.” – Excerpt from the acknowledgement given in the USDAC Honor Native Land Guide – edited to reflect MN tribes.
  • Introductions (name and neighborhood) (Digital Sign-In SheetSub-district Map)


  • Community Input (open floor)
    Community participants welcome to bring topics to discuss

Board Business

  • Consent Agenda
    Items listed under the Consent Agenda are enacted by one motion, items can be removed for individual discussion and vote by request
    • Meeting Agenda
    • May/June/July board and committee minutes
    • June 2023 Financials (Discussions Quarterly)
    • (Non-Financial Action Items from committees):
  • Action Items
  • Community Capacity Grants (Officers)
  • Anything from Land Use
  • Discussion 
    • Land Acknowledgement
      Considering continuation of the practice and/or amending the content.
  • Closing




  • Aug 2, 6pm – Environment Committee
  • Aug 2, 7:15pm – Neighborhood Relations Committee
  • Aug 15, 6pm – Land Use Committee
  • Aug 15, 7:15pm – D10 Board Meeting

About D10 Meetings

RESPECT: D10 meetings are open to ALL community members. Please respect other voices and opinions. Try to keep discussion input brief and leave space for those who aren’t as comfortable speaking up at public meetings (if you’ve already spoken on a subject or asked a question, give others a chance before you speak again).

VIRTUAL/HYBRID: Technology has increased our reach to more people, but as we adjust to new features, it’s important to keep other’s experience in mind. Please use the raise hand feature or indicate in the chat if you’d like to speak, and know that those attending in person can’t always see the chat comments. Our board and meeting leaders are all volunteers, and are still learning and adapting to new meeting tech as well, please bear with us as we work to improve our meetings!

MOTIONS: D10 uses Robert’s Rules of order, often especially relaxed in committee meetings, but occasionally motions are brought to the floor, mostly for action items (below). Our bylaws state that D10 community members in attendance are members of committees, except disciplinary committees, with the right to make motions, vote, and speak in debate.

  • Motions require a first (“I move to…”),
  • A second (“I second the motion”), 
  • Then, following “any additional discussion”, the motion is voted on.
  • Note: All community members in attendance may vote in D10 committees.

ACTION ITEMS: These are an important part of our organization process, but can be confusing at first. Action Items approved at committee meetings are sent to the full D10 board for approval. Board members may bring Action Items (AIs) to the board independently as well, but AIs approved by committees only require a second at board meetings. You can view many examples of past action items here on Google Drive.

QUORUM: This is a term that refers to meeting attendance and whether a meeting is considered “official”. D10 bylaws define quorum for committee meetings as “a majority of the D10 Board members” assigned to the committee. In practice, this becomes a mostly semantic matter, as we still hold a meeting even if quorum is not met, notes are still taken and submitted to the board. Motions and votes cannot be made, but Action Items could be submitted to the full board individually by any board members present.

MISC. GLOSSARY: D10 meetings often use acronyms or reference partner organizations and City departments, as well as ongoing projects that new attendees might not be familiar with. Below are links for common references, if there’s anything you think should be added, please ask or email info@district10comopark.org.