District 10 Como Community Council

D10 Como Park Elections

The District 10 Como Community Council annual meeting and board election takes place every April at our regular board meeting time (3rd Tuesday at 7pm). Voting in the election occurs in the weeks leading up to the meeting by either electronic or mail-in ballot. You can find details below on applying for the board and requesting ballots.

If you’re interested in joining the board, we highly recommend you first attend our meetings as a community member to better understand our organization and the work that we do. All of our meetings and events are open to everyone, agendas are posted on our website the Friday before meetings and shared in our weekly newsletter. You can view the current board members, and any vacancies, here on our website.

Board Job Description

ORGANIZATION: District 10 Como Community Council: The Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the involvement of residents and businesses in public decisions and plans by the City of Saint Paul and in promoting activities that make the community a great place to live and work. The Council is governed by a 17-member volunteer board of directors elected by community residents/business owners.

JOB TITLE: Board Member
REPORTS TO: District 10 Como Community Council Board Chair
HOURS: Approixmately 5-10 hours per month (Elected 2-year terms)
PAY: No Compensation – Volunteer Position
POSITION PURPOSE: District 10 Board Members have the following primary responsibilities:

  • Support the organization’s mission and strategic plan, and work with community members to address issues in the neighborhood.
  • Attend 2 monthly 7pm meetings on the first Wednesday and third Tuesday of the month.
  • Provide policy, financial, and legal oversight and help shape organizational planning to ensure that District 10 is run responsibly and according to regulations for 501(c)(3) organizations, and is successful in its efforts to achieve its mission.
  • Conduct outreach within the District and within a particular sub-district to encourage resident participation, broadly gather input from community members, and provide representation for diverse constituencies within the District in order to advise the City of issues that impact the quality of life in District 10.
  • Serve on at least one committee, ad-hoc committee, or task force (This mostly happens at the monthly meetings). Contribute to efforts to build community and maintain and improve the quality of life in District 10.
  • Participate in Council-sponsored events, including Community Events, the Citywide Drop-Off at the State Fairgrounds, and other neighborhood activities.
  • Support the Council’s fundraising efforts, including helping to identify and approach other individual and business donors, and collaborate with staff and other board members on grant development, fundraising events, and solicitations.

Board Member Application

The deadline to be included in the 2024 Election ballot is Sunday, April 1. After this date you may still fill out an application to be contacted for future elections or consideration for mid-term vacancy appointments if/when they occur.

Board seats up for election in 2024:

  • One representative each from the neighborhood’s FOUR sub-districts (map)
  • Two representatives from the neighborhood at-large
  • One representative from the neighborhood at-large who is a renter
  • One representative from the neighborhood at-large who is a senior (age 62+)
  • We also have vacant at-large renter and youth (16-24) seats with terms expiring in 2025. Qualifying applicants are welcome to submit an application to be considered for appointment throughout the year, as well as for our annual elections.

These positions serve two-year terms, through April 2026, unless otherwise noted. All of our board and committee meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted in advance on the website and in the weekly newsletter. We encourage you to come to our meetings and see how you like being part of our work and get to know us! 

The filing deadline to be included on the 2024 ballot is Sunday, April 1. The election results are announced at the April board meeting. If you have questions or would like to know more about being a board member you can reach out to our Executive Director at district10@district10comopark.org.

Request a Ballot (2024)

Who is eligible to vote: Residents of District 10 who are at least 16 years old, representatives from businesses, non-profits, or other organizations with a physical presence in District 10 (map of D10’s four sub-districts). If you have questions, you can email info@district10comopark.org.

  • If you intend to vote online, we need your request by Monday, April 15 at 8 a.m.
  • If you need a paper ballot mailed to you, we need your request by Sunday, April 2.
  • We will send out ballots beginning Friday, April 5.
  • We must receive your completed ballot at the District 10 office no later than 5 p.m. Monday, April 15.

Election Guide 2024


Each year, the Como Community Council holds elections so community members can elect officers and directors to the District 10 board. The procedures for nominations, elections, candidate eligibility, and voter eligibility are governed by the Bylaws of the District 10 Como Community Council. Each year, roughly half the seats on the board up for election. All terms are two years. (Board members elected in 2024 officially take office on April 30, 2024, and serve until April 28, 2026.) The complete Bylaws can be found on our website at: https://district10comopark.org/bylaws/


Elections this year will take place by mail ballot or by voting online, as requested by the individual community member. Voters can return their ballots at any time after April 4, 2024. But ballots must be received at the District 10 office no later than 5 p.m. on Monday April 15, 2024. Ballots received after that time will not be counted.

In the case of mail ballots, voters who do not think the Postal Service will deliver their ballot in time should personally return their ballot to the mailbox outside the District 10 office, 1224 Lexington Parkway. The mailbox is near the at the Historic Streetcar Station parking lot, off of Horton Ave. in Como Park.

Voters who choose a mail ballot should return their ballot in the enclosed, postage-paid envelope.


Who can vote: All renters, homeowners, and other residents age 16 or older who live in District 10 are eligible to vote. So are authorized representatives from a business or nonprofit organization located physically in District 10.

Election integrity: As part of the absentee voting process, each community member must affirm that they are eligible to vote. Ballots that are not accompanied by the statement affirming eligibility will not be counted. These statements will be used only to cross-reference a voter’s eligibility. To ensure the privacy of the ballot, statements will be separated from the actual ballot.

Who can vote for whom: All eligible community members are able to vote for officers and for At-Large positions (including At-Large Renter and Youth seats). For positions representing the four Sub-Districts, only community members who live in that Sub-District may vote. Sitting board members may vote for all positions on the ballot.

Below is the list of neighborhood residents who are on the 2023 ballot. These candidates submitted their names by the April 1 deadline. There is no write-in voting, but interested community members are welcome to fill out a board application anytime to be considered for any midterm vacancies.

Elections this year, all terms are two years unless otherwise noted:

  • One representative each from the neighborhood’s FOUR sub-districts
  • Two representatives from the neighborhood at-large
  • One representative from the neighborhood at-large who is a renter
  • One representative from the neighborhood at-large who is a senior (age 62+)
  • One midterm vacant at-large renter seat (term ends in 2025). 
  • One midterm vacant at-large youth (16-24) seat (term ends in 2025).

All candidates will be on the ballot in a group, and voters will receive a ballot specific for their sub-district.

  • First, all ballots will be counted by voter sub-district, and the qualifying candidate(s) with the most votes from each sub-district will be elected to that sub-district’s seat(s).
  • Second, all ballots will be counted as a whole with the remaining candidates who weren’t elected to a sub-district seat. The youth-eligible candidate with the most votes will fill the youth seat; the senior eligible candidate with the most votes will fill the senior seat; and the renter-eligible candidate with the most votes will fill the renter seat.
  • Third, the three remaining candidates with the highest votes will fill the three At-Large seats.

If there is a midterm seat up for election because of a vacant seat or a seat that was filled by appointment, the qualifying candidate with the most qualifying votes will be seated in the full term seat, and the candidate with the second most votes will fill the midterm seat. A candidate may defer accepting a seat in preference of another seat. (For example, if there is only one qualifying youth candidate, they may defer a sub-district seat to instead fill the youth seat.)

If you have questions about voting or the elections, contact the District 10 office at district10@district10comopark.org.

Candidate Statements

Candidates submit their own statements for the positions they are seeking. Candidates have the option of also submitting a statement from a supporter.

All these statements are reprinted below, with only minimal editing for clarity and consistency. Candidates are listed by sub-district then in alphabetical order. (Updated as applications are processed)

Sub-district 1 Candidates

Sub-district 1 is the part of our neighborhood west of Hamline, bounded roughly by Hoyt on the north and the BNSF tracks south of Jessamine on the south. There is one open sub-district 1 seat, the votes from subdistrict 1 residents will be counted separately to determine who fills this sub-district-specific seat, any remaining candidates will be eligible to fill at-large seats.

Alex McLane
Sheldon St. – Sub-district 1

I’ve lived in the Como Park area since the Fall of 2020. District 10 is a beautiful and active neighborhood with engaged community members. D10 Subdistrict 1 is situated between two of Saint Paul’s most popular tourist attractions in the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. As community members, we all have the opportunity to work together and showcase what makes the Como Park Area an international destination.
I joined this community board to promote new bike and board infrastructure at community nodes in the Como Park Area. I will support community members and volunteers in their effort to establish year-round board and bike infrastructure at these community nodes in District 10. Also, as a member of the Environmental Committee, I will support neighbors in lawn-to-legume conversion for improved water quality in Capital Region Watershed District. As well as support community members and volunteers who seek to reduce storm-water runoff pollution by establishing pollinator-friendly boulevard rain gardens. FYI: icy sidewalks pose a threat to pedestrians and their dogs. If you need help managing sidewalk traction during the winter months, please reach out to this board for assistance with icy sidewalk mitigation strategies.

Sub-district 2 Candidates

Sub-district 2 is the part of our neighborhood roughly between Hamline on the west, Larpenteur on the north, Victoria on the east, and the BNSF tracks south of Jessamine on the south. There is one open subdistrict 2 seat, the votes from sub-district 2 residents will be counted separately to determine who fills this sub-district-specific seat, any remaining candidates will be eligible to fill at-large seats.

Dan Edgerton
W. Como Blvd. – Sub-district 2 – Senior

I’m a 36-year resident of the Como neighborhood. I’ve been on the D10 Board for four years now. I previously served on the Environment Committee and currently am Vice Chair of the Board. I’ve been involved in many of the D10 activities, including the Ice Cream Social, Blizzard Breakfast, Pick-up and Party at Orchard Rec, clothing drive, and numerous Lake Como cleanups. I look forward to continuing to serve on the D10 Board but intend to continue participating in neighborhood activities regardless.

Abby Gold
Hoyt Ave. – Sub-district 2

The Como Park Neighborhood is vibrant and lively. I have had the pleasure of serving on the D10 Community Council for one term. In that time, I’ve served on the Neighborhood Relations Committee and co-chaired the Environment Committee. I am a co-coordinator for the Como Park Community Garden and liaison to the D10 Board in that role. Serving Como as a D10 board member has been an honor allowing me to meet many wonderful people, as a board member I feel connected to neighbors and enjoy sharing my expertise in organizational management. You can find me in my garden at Como Community Garden or working as a health and nutrition Extension specialist at the University of Minnesota Saint Paul campus.

Jonathan Herum
E. Como Blvd. – Sub-district 2 – Senior

I have lived in Como Park sub district 2 for 30 years. I am deeply committed to making our neighborhood a safe and welcoming place for all people. I own a small construction company and am a Founding member of our Builders Association, Minnesota Metropolitan Contractors Association. I have worked in the St Paul housing market for over 25 years and understand the challenges with affordable housing and the lack of available housing. I have served on the District 10 Board and the Land Use Committee for two years.

Sub-district 3 Candidates

Sub-district 3 is the part of our neighborhood roughly between Victoria on the west, Larpenteur on the north, Dale on the east, and the BNSF tracks south of Jessamine on the south. There is one open subdistrict 3 seat, the votes from sub-district 3 residents will be counted separately to determine who fills this sub-district-specific seat, any remaining candidates will be eligible to fill at-large seats.

Lizzy Cantley
Idaho Ave. – Sub-district 3

I am a St. Paul native from the East Side Payne-Phalen neighborhood and moved to the Como Neighborhood in 2018. My Masters Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction from University of WI-Milwaukee with a focus in early childhood (birth-grade 3). I have been an elementary paraprofessional, a lead teacher in a child care center, a kindergarten teacher and a first grade teacher. Currently I am a stay-at-home parent for my three children (ages 7, 5 and 9 months) and run a licensed family in home childcare. I first got to know the Como Community Council through participation in their Anti-Racism Work Group in 2021. For the past 2 years, I have been an active D10 board member serving on the Neighborhood Relations Committee. It has been a pleasure to help expand the reach of our four neighborhood events D10 hosts and a wonderful learning experience to participate in other D10 committee meetings and events. I am a quiet observer, thoughtful listener, and all around team player. My time with the board feels like it is just starting to get moving, just starting to feel more comfortable, so I look forward to continuing this work to bring people together and build a strong, inclusive community for all to live, work, and thrive in.

Eleanor Kerr
Maywood St. – Sub-district 3 – Youth

Hey there! I’m a 10th grader attending Como Park Senior High and I would love to give insight from a younger perspective! I’ve lived in District 3 my whole life so I can provide an immersive knowledge of the area. I want to apply to this position because I want to get to know the community better, and help in any ways I can to maintain a positive relationship between neighbors and their district.

Sub-District 4 Candidates

Sub-District 4 is the part of our neighborhood roughly between Snelling on the west, Dale on the east, and between the two sets of BNSF tracks (near Jessamine on the north and between Front Ave. and Energy Park Drive on the south). There is one open subdistrict 4 seat, the votes from subdistrict 4 residents will be counted separately to determine who fills this subdistrict-specific seat, any remaining candidates will be eligible to fill at-large seats.

Patrick Cotter
Carling Dr. – Sub-district 4 – Renter

I am a new resident to district ten, just having moved here from Minneapolis in June. I am an inventory analyst at a company in Eagan. My core values are supporting diversity, sustainability, and building mutual trust with integrity. I have skills in data analysis, I like digging into complex problems and finding sometimes counter intuitive solutions and sharing them in understandable ways. In the committee the issues that most interest me are land use and relations with other government bodies. I think a lot of good can be done both for the neighborhood and for the metro by building a consensus on our vision for the neighborhood and communicating it compellingly.

Matt Kleist
Como Ave. – Sub-district 4

I have lived in the Como neighborhood, sub-district 4, since the Fall of 2020. I have been active in the community over the past couple years, volunteering for a number of community events and attending a handful of community committee meetings along the way. In my time volunteering, I have developed a desire to see the community grow and become more inclusive and welcoming to all members. Community engagement and creating a welcoming environment for all residents are important to me, and I strongly believe that an active community is a more safe and vibrant community.

I believe I have a lot to offer the District 10 board as a member. I possess strong communication skills, and have an outgoing personality that can get along with most anyone I meet. In addition to my interpersonal skills, I am very detailed oriented, am critical in my thinking, and take an analytical approach to most topics. I have a good amount of experience in leadership positions in both my personal and work life. I have held leadership positions in every organization I have been involved with, including my time in the Boy Scouts of America, working for the UW-Madison student newspaper The Daily Cardinal, and serving as assistant captain of many intramural and adult hockey teams. In my work life, I have been in management positions for the past five years, where I have been in charge of both a team of colleagues and the product roadmaps for multiple software development teams.

I wish to see the Como neighborhood continue to be a place where people of all backgrounds and demographics wish to live and be a part of. And I hope to offer my skills to help continue to create that environment by working with the other members of the District 10 board.