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Know Your Como: Furry Friends – Pete & Oliver

Know Your Como: Furry Friends – Pete & Oliver

These stories were compiled by Sonjie Johnson.

Meet Pete


Pete was one of a litter rescued from rural North Dakota by Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue in early 2017. He was the only male in the litter, and had one blue eye and one brown eye. David and Joan Brandwein adopted the pup when he was 10 weeks old. They think he’s part lab (brown eye) and part husky (blue eye), and describe him as intelligent and independent.

Taking walks around Como Lake, park and woodland is Pete’s favorite thing to do. David is unable to get out and walk now but Joan and Pete walk every day—hot or cold,
or rain or shine, or snow or ice. 

Joan and Pete enjoy greeting friendly folks and dogs in the park and most days Pete likes to stop for a visit or a treat or a sniff. Other days, he prefers to sit quietly by the
lake and just enjoy the view.

At home, Pete likes to keep an eye on Nevada Avenue from his favorite spot – looking out the front door. Pete shares his yard with lots of plants, insects and birds —Joan and David are avid native plant gardeners. If you want to know more about Pete’s yard, visit ComoHabitat.info. If you see Pete around the lake or park, be sure to say hi—and if you give him a treat—he’ll never forget you.


Kit and Oliver

Kit and Ray Eastman adopted Oliver in January 2017, from Spot’s Last Stop rescue. Spots Last Stop Rescue works primarily with partners in southern states, where kill shelters are over-crowded. Olllie was one year old, rescued from Alabama by one of Kit’s co-workers.

At six years old, Oliver is very playful and a great companion, good with kids and friendly to everyone who comes into their home. He loves parties, and will bring out all
his toys to show every visitor. Prior to getting Oliver, the Eastmans had adopted both a dog and cat from the Humane Society.

A Basset hound mix, Oliver loves to bark, especially at recycling, garbage, and Fed-Ex trucks. Some drivers offer him a treat. Although he is friendly to most of the dogs he
meets, there are a couple of dogs on their street that he is very reactive toward. This behavior is a complete mystery.

Shortly after adopting him, the Eastman’s enrolled Oliver in a couple of basic obedience training courses at Twin Cities Obedience Training Club. He learned basic commands, and usually responds to them. However, like most Bassets, he can be very stubborn.

The author, Sonjie Johnson, was a volunteer with Midwest Pug Rescue, MN Division for 10 years.  She fostered many rescue pugs, from families, mills, and auctions, and adopted three of them.

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