District 10 Como Community Council

Fairtime In Como!

Fairtime In Como!

Como neighbors all do our best to help each other and Fairgoers alike. The past year, neighbors near the fair have been getting a little more organized and invite other neighbors to sign up for the daily state fair neighborhood update. The group is also meeting at the public garden at Midway Pkwy & Arona St. at 9am each morning during the Fair.

This will be a place to share issues and trouble spots in the neighborhood as well as upcoming fair-related stuff to help is plan our days. It will include a daily update from the fair and law enforcement. People are welcome to share anything of interest to include in it.

Also, if you want to be included in the emergency neighborhood alert. It connects people so there is a way to share real-time information when there are incidents of significant harm or danger like shootings or other violence.

For either, send an email to katebmccreight@gmail.com, and copy jennifer@larsentag.com, and thehubboe@aol.com (The daily email will come from one of these emails)

Say hi to the Community Ambassadors – they will be out in our neighborhood from 5 pm – midnight every day of the Fair. They’re easily identifiable by their bright green t-shirts.

Advice from the Community Ambassadors:

  1. Approach everyone with kindness and a calm, open attitude  (if you approach with anger, it will most likely be met with anger)
  2. Consider your body language – open palm, not pointing fingers
  3. Stay neutral
  4. Don’t follow people if they turn their back or don’t react – following someone is aggressive and could be met with aggression
  5. Ask questions like: “Do you need any help?” or “How can I help?”
  6. Humor always helps
  7. Your safety is important! It’s ok to walk away. If the situation is dangerous, call for help. 

The City has a special “Parking Overlay District”, (mostly between Snelling and Hamline) during the fair which allows, and regulates, things like yard parking, street vending, and merchandise peddling. D10 Como Community Council has a “Neighbor’s Guide” to these special rules and regulations, including detailed maps of the overlay district, and who to call to report violations. The Como Neighbors Safety Initiative group has helped add some safety tips to our guide, and is also offering opportunities to volunteer or get added to their email list during the fair.

We understand that enforcement of these ordinances is far from perfect, but if we can increase understanding of the rules amongst the community it may help us have a stronger footing for getting through these hectic few weeks ahead.

Falcon Heights Readers: You can view Falcon Height’s special State Fair Parking Restrictions here on the City’s website.