District 10 Como Community Council

Community Rain Gardeners Needed

Community Rain Gardeners Needed

Back in 2016, D10 Como Park partnered with the Capitol Region Watershed District in the planting of two large rain gardens at the intersection of Van Slyke Avenue and Churchill Street.

Our current volunteer gardeners that have been maintaining the plot are looking for some interested neighbors to help with planting and maintenance of this beautiful space. This is a great opportunity to help support your community and meet neighbors. We’ve listed some of the thoughts for what help is needed below. If you’re interested in helping out or learning more, please email district10@district10comopark.org.

Maintenance: Have historically had spring and fall cleanups, generally. Group was hoping that was all that would be needed after the initial 2016 rain garden plant. Unfortunately, a bit more care has been required.

  • Regular weeding, leaf removal
  • Currently a lot of open ground that needs new plants (before the weeds re-establish)
  • Need a new/updated planning map
  • New plantings would need regular watering if we don’t get rain
    • Used to have a hydrant adapter, now hoping for a friendly neighbor?
  • Maybe trash pick-up in the winter?
  • CRWD Rain Garden Maintenance Guide

Potential Plants to Add: 

  • Plants that could already be sourced from neighbors
  • 1) prairie drop seed grass
  • 2) Joe Pye Weed
  • 3) Yarrow, yellow.
  • 4) Orange Lilies
  • Seeds to add?
  • 4) Golden Rod – seeds or plants?
  • 5) Purple Verbena
  • 6) Some white plants? 
  • 4) Asters or another?
  • Maybe to buy 
  • 1) cone flowers
  • 2) little bluestem grasses
  • 3) Black-eyed Susan
  • 4) Swamp Milkweed
  • 4) etc.