District 10 Como Community Council

D10 Como Community Plan

The Como Community Council adopted its latest community plan in 2015. This plan was adopted into the City of Saint Paul’s Comprehensive Plan in 2016. The community plan establishes broad principles on quality of life issues for the next 10-15 years. In some cases, it lists specific goals to achieve those principles. The five major principles:

  • The stable, residential quality of the neighborhood will be maintained with limited, sensitive development and re-development that enhances the residential quality of the neighborhood.
  • Park and recreational facilities, including Como Regional Park, will enhance the livability of the neighborhood as improvements are designed in partnership with the neighborhood.
  • The neighborhood’s connectedness will be enhanced by increasing the walkability and bikeability of the neighborhood, by improving the safety of street crossings for pedestrians, and by maintaining a solid road infrastructure.
  • The neighborhood will be home to a thriving variety of small- and medium-sized businesses and institutions offering desirable products and services close to home.
  • Designs and policies that support the environment and promote sustainable development will reinforce the neighborhood’s livability and economic vitality.