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Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News

Yes, Como Lake Stinks

Yes, Como Lake stinks. But that’s not unusual for this time of year, the Capitol Region Watershed District says. The short explanation: Blame the odors on a combination of more sun, hotter temperatures, aquatic plants dying, algae growing, and heavy rains that wash nutrients from our yards into the lake, says project manager Britta Belden.

City Takes Climate Change Personally

Less driving, more-efficient buildings, and more looking out for each other are necessary steps if Saint Paul is going to effectively counter climate change, the city’s chief resilience officer told District 10’s Environment Committee this week. Russ Stark, who used to represent Ward 4 in the City Council, said the impacts of climate change on Saint Paul are not hard to spot.

D10 Adds 3 to Honor Roll

The Como Community Council has selected Jonah Fields, Laura Flockencier, and Maggie Zimmerman as District 10’s 2019 additions to the Saint Paul Neighborhood Honor Roll. The annual, citywide award recognizes members of our community who make a sustained and lasting impact on the quality of life in Como and the city – in other words, neighbors who make this a better place to live, work, and play.

Now We’re Talking Trash

Six different haulers will handle trash pickup in Como once Saint Paul’s coordinated collection system begins Oct. 1. Trash day for most of the neighborhood will be Friday, the same day as recycling. For District 10 residents west of Hamline, however, trash day will be Monday; recycling day will remain Friday.

Better Days are Ahead for Fountain

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is teaming with two foundations to restore the Schiffman Fountain in Como Park. As anyone could see last summer, the 120-year-old bronze sculpture and fountain are deteriorating rapidly in looks and performance. The cast-iron mermaid statue, which sits east of Lexington Parkway and south of the Lakeside Pavilion, is the city’s oldest.