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2022 Como Park Honor Roll Recipients Named

2022 Como Park Honor Roll Recipients Named

Jim & Carol Kmiecik

In December and January, we accepted nominations for the 2022 Como Neighborhood Honor Roll, our board members voted to select honorees among the nominations, and the winners were honored at this week’s board meeting.

Congratulations to 2022 Honorees Carol & Jim KmiecikMolly O’Rourke and Judy Johnson of the Midway Parkway Garden Club, and Reene Jacobson and Sandy Simpson, garden stewards of the Midway/Arona garden.

Molly O’Rourke

The Honor Roll is an annual tribute that recognizes everyday residents and organizations who make a sustained and lasting impact in their neighborhood. The honoree names will be added to our website honor roll page as well as the permanent plaque in our office.

Carol & Jim Kmiecik were nominated by a neighbor: “Mr. and Mrs. Kmiecik have been pillars of the community for many years. As they continually watch over the neighborhood, they participate in neighborhood clean ups and even run after neighborhood dogs that get loose! Mr. and Mrs. Kmiecik help neighbors water their gardens, shovel snow and always ensure that the street is clear of debris so Lake Como does not get polluted. As they walk their dogs daily, they talk and inform neighbors and bring the neighborhood together. They improve the quality of life of all the residents in this area (Near Avon St. N. & Hatch)“

Judy Johnson

Molly O’Rourke and Judy Johnson of the Midway Parkway Garden Club were nominated jointly by a neighbor “for their 20+ years of organizing the Midway Parkway Garden Club. Every year Judy gets us started with emails setting up gardening times and coordinates all interactions with the city parks department. Judy and Molly have lived next door to each other for years and if Judy isn’t available Molly is there. They have both recently been participating in the Master Gardeners Program. Every year they keep us going even as the group has gotten smaller over time.

Reene Jacobsen & Sandy Simpson

Sisters Reene Jacobsen and Sandy Simpson were nominated“for taking care of the Midway Parkway and Arona perennial garden for the past 10 years. When the Midway Parkway Garden could no longer take care of this garden these two volunteered and added a bench and pathways through the site. (Reene will be moving out of the neighborhood this year after having lived on Albany avenue since she was a baby.)”