Saint Paul Bike Plan Update

City staff are set to begin updating the Saint Paul Bicycle Plan. Over the next several months, staff will be working with the community and stakeholders to identify:

  • Gaps in the planned bike network. This network, first identified in 2015, is used by City staff to construct bike lanes and paths. Are there changes we should make to this network?
  • Future priorities to make biking more accessible and comfortable. City staff and partners have made progress on a downtown network of bike facilities (Capital City Bikeway) as well as a network connecting our parks (Saint Paul Grand Round). What should the City focus on next?
  • Where and how the City should plan for separate bike lanes and shared use paths. Constructing streets with space separating people biking and people driving creates a more comfortable bike network for people of all ages and abilities. The City has many examples of bike lanes and shared use paths, but community members have asked for more.
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