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2021 Como Park Honor Roll Recipients Named

2021 Como Park Honor Roll Recipients Named

Rick & Kathy Zieman

In January, we accepted nominations for the 2021 Como Neighborhood Honor Roll, our board members voted to select three honorees among the seven nominations, and the winners were honored at this week’s board meeting.

Congratulations to 2021 Honorees Rick & Kathy Zieman, Melissa Liu & Deepa Nirmal, and Tseganesh Selameab & Matthew Cain.

The Honor Roll is an annual tribute that recognizes everyday residents and organizations who make a sustained and lasting impact in their neighborhood. The city has paused it’s official support of the honor roll program, but it’s important for our board that we continue to celebrate our outstanding community members, whose names will be added to the permanent plaque in our office.

Rick & Kathy Zieman were nominated by several of their neighbors who included things like: “Not only do they organize the neighborhood night out each year, but they’re on top of what’s going on in Como and keep us informed.” and “I’ve been in the neighborhood for 20 years. Rick and Kathy have been great neighbors, and great neighborhood organizers for all 20 years. they are the backbone if the neighborhood from my perspective, and have always helped to make everyone feel welcome.

Melissa Liu
Deepa Nirmal

Melissa Liu & Deepa Nirmal were nominated jointly by a neighbor “because of their sustained and impactful contributions.” They pay attention. They extend themselves. They celebrate our joys and console our sorrows. Just by being themselves, they create a rare, but powerful phenomenon on our block: the feeling of an extended family that’s always there, just outside the walls of our little houses, with open arms ready to embrace us during all of life’s ups and downs.

Tseganesh Selameab & Matthew Cain were nominated because This family has opened their hearts and home to neighborhoods, entertained children at our block gatherings and national night out gatherings and made our neighborhood a more welcoming place for all.” “Tsega and Matthew are such community builders…Graciously weaving webs of connections among children, young and older folk collections of neighbors and friends, they teach us how to boldly live and celebrate the belongness we share with each other and to this place.”

Honor Roll Presentation From 2/15/22 Board Meeting