What Do We Do About Elections?
Thursday, March 19, 2020 10:20 AM


At their monthly meeting March 17, members of the Como Community Council cancelled in-person board elections that were scheduled for April 21. This extraordinary action complies with the emergency public health advisories surrounding COVID-19 and the restrictions those advisories place on public gatherings.

The board anticipates restrictions will continue at least until May. That presents a dilemma for our organization and community. Our bylaws require an annual meeting on the third Tuesday of April. They require elections before the annual meeting. They forbid absentee and proxy voting.

In an unprecedented emergency setting like this, however, something's got to give. We cannot meet all those requirements and still meet the health and safety requirements of discouraging public gatherings.

We want to come up with a solution that allows for widespread participation in our elections, yet still honors the spirit and goals of our bylaws. So, we are turning to community members for advice and a sense of your priorities. Please take our survey to share your preferences, other ideas, and thoughts.

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