Schools Choose Different Strategies for Learning
Tuesday, August 18, 2020 9:20 AM


Neighborhood schools are making decisions across the map when it comes to when and how they will hold classes this fall in response to Covid-19. A rundown:

  • Great River School: Classes at the charter school begin Sept. 8 for Grades 1-12. Initially, all instruction will be through distance learning.
  • Higher Ground Academy: The upper grade campus of this charter school will open Aug. 26 with a hybrid model limiting classroom capacity to 50 percent.
  • Hmong College Prep Academy: Classes at this K-12 charter school begin Sept. 8 with 100 percent distance learning.
  • Humphrey Job Corps Center: The training center for teens and young adults does have some students on campus, but it has not received permission from the U.S. Labor Department to resume classes.
  • Maternity of Mary-St. Andrew: Classes at this private preschool and elementary school begin Sept. 8. All instruction takes place in the classroom.
  • Metro Deaf School: Classes begin Aug. 31 at this K-12 charter school. Elementary students will spend two days a week in the classroom, three days a week in distance learning. With some exceptions, high school students will rely entirely on distance learning.
  • Metropolitan State University: The fall semester begins Aug. 22. The Midway campus on Energy Park Drive is open to students, though most classes will be a blend of online and in-person learning.
  • Midway Star Academy: Classes at this elementary charter school begin Aug. 26. The school will use a hybrid model in which pupils receive classroom instruction two-three days a week, and distance instruction on the other days.
  • Minnesota Connections Academy: Classes begin Sept. 8 at this K-12 charter school. It’s situation normal, because the school has always been exclusively online.
  • Saint Paul Public Schools: City schools in District 10 – Chelsea Heights Elementary, Como Park Elementary, and Como Park Senior High – begin Sept. 8 with 100 percent distance learning.
  • Twin Cities German Immersion School: Classes begin Sept. 8 with a hybrid model, based on family preference. Families can choose 100 percent distance learning. Or they can choose to send their children for classroom instruction two full days a week, mixed with distance learning the other days. No more than half the children attending in-person would be in the building on any given day. 

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