Melissa Liu, Chair


My family and I have been residents of Como Park since 2014. I have served as an At-Large Representative of District 10 for 3 years and served as the Chair of the Neighborhood Relations Committee during part of that time.
I see the role of the Chair as one who facilitates open discussion, respects fair process, supports and encourages each board member in their work, and serves as a sounding board for the committees. The chair also maintains communication with our City Council members and with individual neighbors. As a senior member of the board, I understand the importance of weighing all matters circumspectly but also know the parameters and limitations that we have in our advisory role.
I am excited about the new equity initiative taking place in our city and, as an educator, I look forward to seeing younger people integrated into our civic discussions.

District 10 Como Community Council | 1224 Lexington Pkwy N, Saint Paul, MN 55103 | 651.644.3889 | district10 [at]

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