Minutes September 2013
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 4:35 PM

Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee
September 12, 2013
6:00pm Historic Streetcar Station
Present: Jackie Gulbranson, Mary Michalski, Bill Sylvester, Laurie Erickson, Ted Blank, Angie Sechler, Patrick Tschida
  • The meeting was called to order at 6:03pm
  • Community Discussion
  • Minutes from the last meeting were approved over e-mail
  • Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday October 26, 2013 from 9-11am
  • Ted will put together a task list/volunteer sign-up sheet so board members can select what they would like to help with the day of the event
  • Costume Parade: the Job Corps agreed to organize this as well as a kids corner
  • We will be thinking about prizes associated with the costume parade

Silent Auction

  • We have received a number of donations so far; we compiled a list of neighborhood venues that might also donate
  • State Fair, Como Pool, Como Park, Nelson’s Cheese and Deli, Beloved Tattoos and Art Gallery, Cafe 99, Como Park Grill, Walgreen’s, Flower Rama, Coffee Grounds, Chalet Dental, Connie’s Creamy Cone, Como Town
  • Ted has created a donation sheet to give to the businesses or people donating items or services; we cannot value their donations for them, they need to fill that part out
  • Donations can be dropped off between October 15-October 25

Annual Appeal (Fundraising Letter)

  • Last year’s letter gave us a profit of $1800 ($3200-expenses)
  • We have a Give MN website; Ted has updated this
  • The plan is to release our appeal letter this year in conjunction with Give to the Max day, which is in November
  • Jackie will update the appeal letter and send out
  • We will be sending the letter to donors and possibly a select group, but we will not be buying another mailing list; the cost was too great
  • Ted has included a one-page version of the appeal letter to the Print Newsletter, which will be released on October 10th and includes a QR code for helping residents access our online donation information

2013 Como Curb Clean Up

  • Throughout the month of October, residents in the Lake Como watershed district will be encouraged to participate in the Como Curb clean up, cleaning leaves from the curbside and preventing them from entering the storm drain system
  • Watershed residents will get a mailing with information about the clean up
  • This year the participants will be encouraged to compost the leaves or bring them to a composting site; the collection is being scaled back and will only include one dumpster in the back of the Wolf Lot during the final weekend of the month
  • Some blocks will be hosting gatherings in conjunction with the clean up

Boundary Change Committee Update

  • There will be a neighborhood meeting about the Boundary Change on September 25 from 7-9pm at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church on Victoria and Nevada
  • The goal will be to inform residents about proposed sub-districts and new by-laws
  • Pete will present the organization of the block clubs as well as some of the accomplishments and areas of focus of the District 10 committees in order to inform and encourage members of the South Como area to become involved

CRPAC Update

  • Pete attended the last Como Regional Park Advisory Committee and gave an update
  • The Historic Pedestrian Bridge near the Streetcar Station will need to have the restoration postponed as the company doing the work has gone out of business; the city is working to get bids and restart the work
  • We can expect electric signs to be put up in Mid-October
  • There has been increased ridership on the shuttle
  • Peda-cabs are looking to start working in Como, but would most likely be used for special events like weddings
  • The Como Campus will be getting a Nice Ride station
  • CRPAC is changing its board membership and structure in January; District 10 has an opportunity to think about representation and the channels of communication between the board and CRPAC

Traffic Calming/Pedestrian Safety

  • City Council member Stark is looking into the delay in getting bump outs for Hamline and Nebraska; the project has already been funded
  • Traffic concerns make up the number one reason residents contact Ted
  • We need to start by compiling a list of problem areas; research solutions; look into grant funding; some of this will be most effectively dealt with in conjunction with longer term planning

Committee Plan: Accomplishments/To Do

  • The city will be changing its grant funding model and it would help the process if we can identify what we want to do and what we’ve done
  • The committee will be using November and December to brainstorm and plan for 2014 so we can have that information ready for January
  • Ideas for next year: Safety related fair next year (Fire, Pet, Emergency Response); Home Tour

Accomplishments for 2013 so far: Bike Rodeo, Como Fest, Garden Tour  New Business

  • Eureka will be hosting Food Waste Prevention Sessions on Tuesday September 24 from 7-8pm or Sunday October 6 from 3-4pm at the Streetcar Station; there is a registration fee of $5 and an optional toolkit for $15; call 651-222-7678 to register
  • Community Garden: we now have a Community Garden on Snelling and Almond; the meeting for neighborhood residents interested in being involved in this new venture is on September 19 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Streetcar Station
Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.

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