Minutes - 7/2010
Tuesday, July 20, 2010 10:30 PM



Historic Streetcar Station
1224 North Lexington Parkway North, Saint Paul, MN 55103
Tuesday July 7, 2010
7:00 PM

Directors Present: Jon Knox, Panod Klongtruatroke, Marcy Micek

Staff Present: Rhonda DeBough Insook

I. Knox called the meeting to order at 7:00.

II. Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda

Micek moved to approve agenda, seconded by Klongtruatroke.

III. Community Organizer Report

Debough Insook gave updates on the following:

A. Staycation – There was an article in the Monitor. Next week will be a joint group meeting to finalize the plans. There was no time to order t-shirts as had been considered.

B. Midyear reports for the City grants are due 7/31/10. Debough Insook can help compile statistics, but has asked the Executive Committee get their reports to her by 7/16/10.

C. COPP – Debough Insook and Micek will meet to work on $4500 budget request.

D. Number of visits to D10 and Facebook websites and number of fans on the latter.

E. City grants – January expense reimbursement was submitted to the City but returned for corrections. Going forward Micek will review grant reimbursement documents before they are sent to the City.

F. Staff member lost 2 paychecks and we do not have a procedure on how to handle. It was decided that staff member will sign agreement not to cash those checks if found and new checks would be generated. This is something that should be added to the office procedure manual.

G. There is one candidate so far for Matt Schmitt’s seat.

H. The Financial Development Committee has started preparations for the Pancake Breakfast.

I. Proposed changing the October board meeting by eliminating the board business section and having only a volunteer recognition event plus the annual election.

J. Discussed check signing procedure.

IV. 90 Day Extension Probationary Trial

Discussed staffing prioritization list (expectations, specific tasks, etc).

V. Sholom Home Update

Knox spoke to the Bugle, giving views as a private citizen and as board member. The latter primarily addressed the D10 process.

VI. Hmong Festival Follow-up

Although there were some parking violations observed, overall this event seemed to go well.

VII. Communications Chair Position

Committee discussed Schmitt’s departure and recruitment of new Communications Committee chair. Klongtruatroke has agreed to be interim chair until Knox appoints permanent chair.

VIII. CRPTIP De velopments

Klongtruatroke reported that there are some initial plans for parking nearer the pool.

IX. Community Organizer Annual Review Survey

Survey will be sent out this week.

Motion to adjourn by Micek, seconded by Klongtruatroke.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Marcy Micek

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