Minutes- 9/5/12
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 1:35 PM

District 10 Como Community Council
Executive Committee Meeting
Streetcar Station
September 5, 2012
7:00-9:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

I. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda:
Motion to approve agenda (Knox-Hinderscheit) Passed

EC Members Present: Jon Knox, Panod Klongtruatroke, Linda Hinderscheit,
Penny Spence.

Staff Present: Jessica Bronk was not present due to vacation time.

II. Board Chair Report: See IV below.

III. Treasurer’s Report: Penny had nothing new to report at this time.

IV. Traditions of St Paul, Vacant Building update: Rhett McSweeney of Traditions (former Sholom Home property) has appealed the city's ruling of Traditions as a vacant property. Jon Knox went to the appeals hearing at the Department of Safety and Inspections yesterday. Jon had written a letter to DSI in anticipation of the hearing. The letter was approved by the Executive Committee. A copy of the letter was given to Rhett McSweeney at the meeting. Jon testified that snow removal had not been done, resulting in icy sidewalks last winter. The lawn had not been mowed this summer; the City of St. Paul mowed the lawn at one point. The property is currently in bad shape because of State Fair parking. Delores Rufenacht took photos of the property after the Fair and has sent them to Councilperson Russ Stark's office. The people, who parked cars during the Fair, tore down fences. Rhett McSweeney attributed neighborhood complaints to dissatisfaction with State Fair parking. The hearing officer indicated that DSI had received complaints prior to the State Fair. The hearing officer's recommendation to the City Council was to deny Rhett McSweeney's appeal.

V. Jessica’s wedding, vacation 9/1 – 9/18/2012: Linda Hinderscheit will pick up a card to pass around for signatures at the next board meeting. She will also pass around an envelope for monetary contributions to purchase a gift.

VI. October 2012 Annual Meeting/Elections
a. Special Speakers: Panod Klongtruatroke suggested inviting a speaker to talk about the importance of volunteering or community issues at the October meeting in order to attract residents to the meeting when the board elections are held. Panod will contact someone. Potential speakers included Russ Stark, Amy Brendmoen and Kathy Lantry.
b. Elections: The terms for the following positions are ending in October. Jon Knox and Linda Hinderscheit will comprise the election committee. Board members not running for a position may also participate in the committee.
i. Vice Chair- Panod Klongtruatroke
ii. Treasurer- Penny Spence
iii. Sub 1- Curt Stock
iv. Sub 2- Kim Moon
v. Sub 3- Kate Wiliniski
vi. At Large- Chris Harkness
vii. At Large- Jody McCardle
viii. At Large- Betsy Wehrwein
c. Chair for the Environment Committee: Ron Edlund has resigned as chair of the Environment Committee. We need to recruit a new chair for the Environment committee. Linda Hinderscheit will chair the September meeting only so it does not have to be canceled. Jon is thinking of asking Ron to join the Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee and continue the Sunday series from there.

VII. Revised Bylaws: The ad hoc committee is meeting tomorrow night. Someone from the committee will present information on the revised Bylaws at the September meeting.

VIII. Halloween Pancake Breakfast: Penny has volunteered to chair the pancake breakfast. Tom Eyre has volunteered to help Penny with preparation beforehand. Penny will have raffle tickets and posters to distribute to the Board at the September meeting.

IX. Quarterly Newsletter: Penny will write a short article about the pancake breakfast.

X. District 6/10 border: Jon will inform the board about his recent discussion with the District 6 board chair regarding the borders in the Board business section of the next meeting.

XI. Donation Letter: Panod will investigate the mailing list option discussed at the September board meeting.

XII. Other Items:
1.) Increase communication with the State Fair regarding neighborhood concerns, including:
a. The need for more trash cans throughout more of the neighborhood with frequent pick up.
b. The Grandstand show on the last night of the Fair had inappropriate lyrics, which could be heard in the neighborhood. This is a concern for residents whose children can hear the Grandstand shows.
c. We will ask for community feedback in the community section of our September board meeting. Panod will get word out prior to the meeting.
2.) We discussed the copier contract again. There is no date on the contract. We will determine when we started paying for it (sometime in 2010). The contract is for five years. We need to make sure we submit out intention of not renewing the contract at least 60 days in advance of the end of the contract period.

Respectfully submitted by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Secretary to the Board
These minutes are not official until approved.

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