Minutes- 8/1/12
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 1:30 PM

District 10 Como Community Council
Executive Committee Meeting
Historic Streetcar Station
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Jon Knox (chair), Panod Klongtruatroke (vice chair), Linda Hinderscheit (secretary), Penny Spence (treasurer)

Staff Present: Jessie Bronk

Others Present: Ted Blank (Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee chair)

Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order and approve agenda: 7:10 p.m.

II. August 9: The Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee (NRSC) is holding a community meeting about dangerous dogs and dog safety. Due to the publicity of the meeting because of a postcard mailing to all of District 10, Ted Blank (chair of committee) will follow Robert’s Rules of Order, and have a timekeeper and ground rules established. Priority will be given to District 10 residents to share in the discussion, and if time remains the discussion will be opened to all attendees. Dogs will not be allowed at the meeting, and a sign will be posted on the doors. Jon will contact an attorney about speaking at the meeting.
a. List of questions from Animal Control: Animal Control is working to find someone from the department to attend the meeting, and they have suggested we send them a list of questions to answer prior to the meeting. Ted will come up with a list of questions, including questions about statistics about dangerous dogs and how they disseminate information on dangerous dogs.
b. Outcome: The NRSC will discuss possible outcomes from the meeting.

III. Yoga in the Park: Jessie was contacted by the Department of Parks and Recreation and Yoga in the Park is in need of a City permit to continue. A permit will cost $75.00 for every 4 hours. Jessie sent an email to Mike Hahm requesting a waiver of the permit cost, and Jon will follow up over phone. Yoga in the Park will be cancelled for this week.

IV. Sholom Home: The Sholom Home continues to have issues with vandalism and ground maintenance. Jon spoke with Rhett McSweeney briefly about the issue. The Council will consider having the Sholom Home ad hoc Committee reconvene.

V. National Night Out: National Night Out is Tuesday, August 7. Jessie is working to create gift bags for all block leaders that are hosting a party in District 10. The City of Saint Paul’s grant funding from Target was much less this year than last year, so prize donations and goodies from the City are limited. Jessie requested an allowance of $50.00 to spend on National Night Out prizes for the gift bags. A majority vote by the committee approved the spending. Penny voted “no.” It was recommended that we notify the block leaders that funding is less this year, and we may not be able to continue to offer gift bags in future years. Penny suggested that party hosts request that each neighbor bring a small item to share at their party as a gift or door prize.

VI. Como Fest: Jessie shared a recap of Como Fest activities. She will be holding a recap meeting with the planning committee on Monday, August 6. Jessie is concerned about the amount of staff time involved with Como Fest, especially as the event continues to grow. Linda suggested that Jessie make a list of the tasks she did for Como Fest. The Executive Committee recommended the possible development of an ad hoc committee to help with planning and oversight of Como Fest for 2013. The discussion was tabled for next month’s Executive Committee meeting.

VII. Letter from Ward 5 and meeting with Ray Andresen- Jon met with District 6 Chair Ray Andresen over the weekend to discuss district council issues.

VIII. Constant Contact: Jessie will pay for 3 years of Constant Contact, and request the COPP funding we were awarded from Ward 5 to cover this.

IX. Hmong Fest Review Meeting: Jessie gave a recap of Ward 5’s community discussion on the Hmong Fest follow up meeting that was held on Thursday, July 31. District 6 neighbors expressed concerns about the event continuing to be held at McMurray Field. The Lao Family stated that there is not current plans to hold the event elsewhere. Neighbors also expressed concerns about needing better notification about the event and community meetings. Ward 5 and Commander Steve Frazer stated that they will work on other ways for notification for next year.

X. Printer contract: We have been receiving a late fee on our De Lage Landen printer contract bill. Jessie has been sending the payment before the due date (1st of each month), but the company is saying it is not received in their processing center in time. The company does not offer any leeway on the payment date. We are locked in a 5-year contract, and are about half way through the contract. Jessie will send an invoice and a copy of the contract to the Executive Committee to review for further discussion.

XI. 990 form: Penny has completed the 990 form for this year, and will send over email for full board approval.

XII. Bear Structure: A District 10 neighbor spoke with the Land Use Committee on Monday, July 30 about re-resurrecting a wooden bear structure in front of her home on the boulevard. The City requires the neighbor to have liability insurance on the structure, and she requested if it could be covered under District 10’s insurance. The Land Use Committee requested that the board review this option. The Executive Committee recommends that we not cover this under our liability insurance, as it sets a precedent.

XIII. Jessie’s schedule: Jessie will be working a full day on Sunday, August 5 and will be staffing the museum. She has agreed to work a 48 hours week without overtime on the week of August 5-11. She will have Monday, August 13 off, and will work a 32-hour week on the week of August 12-18.

XIV. Bylaws: The Bylaws ad hoc Committee is recommending that we move elections to April of each year. Panod sent an email reviewing the details of the recommendation and is requesting feedback from the Council.

XV. Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jessie Bronk

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