Minutes- 7/11/12
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 1:30 PM

District 10 Como Community Council
Executive Committee Minutes
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Members Present: John Knox (chair), Panod Klongtruatroke (vice chair), Linda Hinderscheit (secretary)

Staff Present: Jessie Bronk

Members Absent: Penny Spence (secretary)

Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order at 7:10 p.m. Agenda approved.

II. District Council City Funding: District 10 will be seeing a reduction in City funding in 2013 by a little over a thousand dollars. The Council will need to discuss the budget and look in to alternative ways for funding, such as sending an annual appeal letter.

III. COPP Grants
A. Ward 5: We received approval from Ward 5 for $1000.00 of funding for the renewal of 3 years of Constant Contact for our weekly e-newsletter, and for mailing costs for outreach to businesses. Ward 5 cannot approve the $3000.00 request for funding a reprint of our welcome booklet and brochures, but could consider a lesser amount for a smaller reprint. Panod will get in touch with the intern that originally worked on the welcome booklets/brochures so we can get the files to edit.
B. Ward 4: The final application for funding for $3,000.00 for the District Plan internship was submitted to COPP.

IV. June Meeting Community Guest Presenters: Eureka Recycling will be presenting on their composting plan. Paul Kolias will be giving an update on the Como Regiaonl Park Advisory Committee. Jessie will confirm that Sgt Charlie Anderson will be there to give an update on crime and safety in our neighborhood. Jon and Panod are working to get in touch with Rhett McSweeney to give an update on the status of the construction at the former Sholom Home building.

V. Land Use Issues
A. Sholom Home: Rhett McSweeney has not been responsive about the status of construction. There have been complaints from the neighborhood about graffiti and tall grass at the site. Jon will speak with Ward 4 to see if they have any information.

VI. District 10 Plan Intern: Theo Woehrle was accepted the internship position the District Plan ad hoc Committee. The Executive Committee reviewed and approved the offer letter. The committee discussed that Theo will be paid in one lump sum at the end of the internship.

VII. Letter from Ward 5: We received a letter from Ward 5 regarding District 6 and District 10 boundary issues. Jon will work to speak with the District 6 chair regarding this issue.

VIII. Jessie’s September Vacation Request: Jessie has approved vacation for September 6 through September 18. September 18 is the board meeting. She will need assistance during this time with office duties. Linda volunteered to organize the board packet for the month. The cleanup is September 22 and volunteers will need to be recruited prior to the vacation.

IX. Como Fest Update: Jon and Panod volunteered to help set up tables or the Art Festival in the morning on Saturday, July 21.

X. Dangerous dogs/dog biting issues: The Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee will be holding a community meeting about dangerous dogs and dog biting issues on August 9.

XI. Adjourned at approximately 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jessie Bronk

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