Minutes- 11/7/12
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 7:40 PM


Executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Historic Streetcar Station
1224 Lexington Parkway North

Members Present: John Knox (chair), Chris Harkness (vice chair), Linda Hinderscheit (secretary), Ted Blank (treasurer)

Staff Present: Jessie Currier


I. Call to Order: at 7:14pm

II. Copier Lease: A letter will be submitted to MOTG requesting our copier contract.
III. Border Response to Ward 5: District 10 and District 6 received a letter back in June from Ward 5 proposing district council boundary changes. District 6 has responded opposing any changes. Jon will draft a response letter to be affirmed by the board at the November board meeting.

IV. CIB Proposals / Task Force Appointments: Jessie has solicited input from block leaders and the board for ideas on possible CIB proposals, which are due in January. Neighborhood groups and neighbors would be responsible for the main work of the proposal, but the district council could support proposals and help with the process. Jessie will extend an invitation the Chelsea Heights PTO to attend the November board meeting to discuss a proposal for the playground. The PTO submitted a proposal for the last CIB cycle and did not receive funding.

The Council also needs to submit task force appointments for CIB in January. Ron Edlund and Marsha Milgrom were our representatives for the last CIB cycle. Jon will reach out to Ron and Marsha to invite them to the board meeting and present on task force appointments and the CIB process.

V. Land Use Action Items: The Land Use Committee has action items for two letters of recommendations to the City for 1) Hmong Academy sound level variance request, 2) 1538 Chelsea zoning variance request. The letters need to be submitted prior to the board meeting because of the timing of the public hearings. The committee voted to approve both letters.

VI. Signers on Bank Account: Jessie is submitting the paperwork to Park Midway Bank to get Ted and Chris added as signers on our bank account. All committee members signed the paperwork at the meeting.

VII. COPP Funding: Ward 4 has COPP funding available for 2013 and is requesting letters of interest by December 14. The Executive Committee has suggested a $6,000.00 request for continued funding for our District Plan ad hoc Committee process. Jessie will draft a letter for the November board meeting.

VIII. Open Positions: We have two open at-large board positions. One application was received prior to the deadline. Past board member, Pete Bolstad, has also expressed interest in the position.

IX. Board Retreat: The board retreat is set for Tuesday, November 13. Jon is working to confirm a location and food arrangements.

X. Cabinet purchase for Office: Jessie would like to purchase a four drawer vertical filing cabinet for the office. Chris suggested looking at Podanys at 2441 University Avenue for used office furniture. The Executive Committee approved the purchase, but would like a final price quote before purchasing.

XI. Pancake Breakfast Feedback: The pancakes tasted great, but the board needed to sell more tickets. Attendance was down from last year. Penny has not submitted a final report on the amount we made from the Pancake Breakfast.

XII. Fundraising Letter Approval: Jessie presented the final draft of the annual appeal letter. She will ask for board approval via email for printing and mailing expenses.

XIII. Neighborhood Honor Roll: Nominations are due November 19.

XIV. Adjourn: at approximately 9:00 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Jessie Currier

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