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Historic Streetcar Station

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

7:00 PM



I. Call to Order: Vice Chairperson Chris Harkness called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.

II. Board Introductions: 

Present: Linda Hinderscheit, Ted Blank, Chris Harkness, Kim Moon, Tom Eyre, Curtis Stock, Kate Wilinski, Dick Dian, Jackie Gulbranson, Mary Michalski and Ted James.

Absent:  Jon Knox and Laurie Erickson

Staff Present: Jessie Currier 

III. Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda:

Motion: Approve the agenda. (Moon-Dian) Passed.


A. Board Chair Report: Jon Knox was not present tonight. He asked Chris to mention the nominations for the Neighborhood Honor Roll. The deadline has been extended. We will vote at the December meeting. 

B. Treasurer’s Report: With approximately 83% of the year elapsed, revenues and expenses are both on budget with approximately 83% earned and incurred. The pancake breakfast netted $431 (including staff time allocation), which is the same as last year. We are in a very strong cash balance position of $30,100, which represents 6 months of cash on hand.  We have now purchased workers' comp insurance; and an expense of $350 will be incurred annually.  A letter has been sent to the copier lease company, asking for a legible copy of the contract. Ted will look into changing accounting practices related to depreciation of office equipment and furniture. Ted also put together a preliminary budget for 2013. We may be looking at a loss of approximately $3,000. Our goal is a balanced budget. We will need to cut our budget requests and/or increase our revenues.

C. At-Large Elections (2 open seats): 

Dana Saeger has submitted an application for one of the open at-large seats on the board. 

Motion: Elect Dana Saeger by acclimation (Blank-Moon). Passed

Kim Moon nominated Pete Bolstad for the other open at-large board position from the floor. 

Motion: Elect Pete Bolstad by acclimation. (Moon-Michalski). Passed

D. CIB funding: Chris began the discussion by reading a letter describing the CIB process and task force appointments. 

a. Playground: Chelsea Heights’ PTO representative, Sue Gunderson, was present to talk about the attempt to renovate the Chelsea Heights playground. They have attempted to get funding through the CIB process previously, but were not high enough on the priority list. The PTO has been raising money to finance its own plan. The Parks and Rec Department wants to have approval of the playground, because it is part of the NW Como Rec Center facilities. They have also submitted a grant proposal through the STAR grant program, but were denied. They are getting a donation of playground equipment from Rebuilding Together.  Renovation is scheduled to begin in May, 2013. The PTO is interested in submitting the tot lot portion of the renovation to the CIB process. They would like District 10 to support their CIB proposal for the tot lot.  Part of the Rebuilding Together process also includes remodeling selected homes of low-to-moderate income residents. If anyone wants to be considered for this, contact Sue Gunderson or Chelsea Heights School. 

b. Other ideas from community: Jessie Currier had received some suggestions from block club leaders, but no volunteers to submit a formal proposal. Amy Brendmoen's legislative aide, Kim O’Brien, was present and asked if Como Regional Park was going to submit a CIB proposal to fund new signage.

c. Task Force Appointments- Ron Edlund & Marsha Milgrom were on the CIB task force in the last round and were present to talk about the process. Proposals are citywide. Sponsorships by district councils are very important in getting a project funded. Competition is stiff and marketing a proposal is important. There are bus tours of the proposal sites. There are three task forces; each needs two members from our district council. The time commitment for task forces is from early March to the end of April. There is also a CIB standing committee.

E. Miscellaneous community discussion: none


A. Review/Amend/Approve Minutes & Financial Statements:

Motion: Approve tonight's financial statement and minutes of 10/16/2012 meeting, amended to reflect Jessie Bronk Currier’s name change. (Moon--Eyre) Passed

B. Staff Report: Jessie Currier reported that she is in the process of printing the annual appeal letter. Jessie will need volunteers to fold and stuff envelopes. The Neighborhood Relations and Safety is submitting a STAR proposal for curb bump outs at Nebraska and Hamline. Work plans for 2013 will be due soon. At the block leader meeting in October, the District Plan intern presented information regarding the status of the District Plan revisions.  There has been an increase in burglaries in grids 27 and 28. The South Como neighborhood in District 6 has also experienced an increase in burglaries. 

C. District 6 and District 10 boundary proposal- PED analysis: Councilmember Brendmoen has proposed redistricting the South Como part of District 6 into District 10. Councilmember Brendmoen had heard from a number of residents in the affected area that they feel disenfranchised in District 6. If implemented, the size of District 10 would increase by 30%. The size of District 6 would decrease by 15%.  PED analysis indicated that District 10 would receive no additional funding, but District 6 would lose 10-15% of their funding because of the population shift. PED analysis proposed taking this proposal to the community and possibly redistricting a smaller area.  Ted Blank pointed out that it would take a tremendous amount of work by the district councils to implement the proposed change with no additional funding given by the city. Only one district council would represent Como Park, which is a questionable plan. One positive would be having the interests of the neighborhood surrounding the park be more consistent. Redistricting may negatively affect our relationship with District 6. Chris Harkness spoke against District 10 becoming the “Como Park District” when many residents of District 10 have interests and concerns beyond the park. PED will host a community meeting on this topic in January. Priority to comment at the meeting will probably be given to those who live in the affected area. Jessie indicated that there is a document that delineates the process, which indicates that the affected district councils have 45 days to weigh in after the PED analysis and before the community meeting. Ted asked Jessie to send that document to the board. If there is no agreement between the parties, the final decision may be made at the level of the City Council.   

Motion: Draft a letter opposing the plan based on our understanding of the information we currently have.  (Moon--Stock). Passed unanimously 

D. COPP 2013: COPP grant proposals for Ward 4 are due Dec 7th. We will like to ask for continued funding for the intern for the District Plan revisions.

Motion:  Approve COPP grant proposal for $6,000 to continue to fund the District Plan intern (Blank--Moon) Approved. 

E. Annual appeal letter:  The completed letter was in the board packet. Jessie will ask for volunteers to stuff envelopes.

F. 2013 funding and City contracts: Jessie has not yet received city contracts.  Committee work plans need to be revised for 2013.

G. Committee structures and assignments:  New board members need to commit to serving on a committee.  We may look into disbanding the Operations Committee and moving its functions into other committees. Jackie Gulbranson, Mary Michalski and Pete Bolstad are interested in the Neighborhood Relations and Safety Committee.

H. CRPAC:  Paul Kolias was not present at tonight's meeting. Several board members stated they would be interested in having the CRPAC minutes included in the District 10 board packet on a routine basis.  We need to research the term of office for the representative to CRPAC.

I. Land Use Action Items:

a. Hmong Academy Sound Level Variance: A mistake was made in scheduling the city meeting, and it has been delayed until Dec. 5th. Work cannot resume on the retaining wall until the hearing. 

b. Zoning Variance- 1538 Chelsea:  The city approved the zoning variance with conditions. The foundation for the garage has been poured. 

J. Committee Updates:

a. Land Use Committee: Kim Moon stated that the next Land Use meeting will include a discussion of extending the sound variance for the Hmong Academy for the remainder of their construction.

b. District Plan Ad Hoc Committee: Chris Harkness reported that community meetings have been held. An end-of-the-year report will be prepared summarizing the process and results so far.

c. Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee: Ted Blank reported that the committee has not met since the last board meeting.

d. District Operations Committee: The fund raising letter is ready to be copied and mailed. 

e. Environment Committee: Curt Stock attended his first meeting as chair.  The committee presented a history of the committee and proposed future topics for the Sunday Series. 

V. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 9:01 p.m.

Motion to adjourn. (Moon-Blank)  Passed.

Respectfully submitted by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Secretary

These minutes were approved on 12/18/2012.

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