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Historic Streetcar Station

1224 Lexington Parkway N, Saint Paul, MN 55108

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

7:00 PM


      I.         Call to Order: Vice Chair Panod Klongtruatroke called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m., because Chair Jon Knox arrived a few minutes late, and a quorum was otherwise present.

    II.         Board Introductions:

Present: Jon Knox, Linda Hinderscheit, Kim Moon, Penny Spence, Panod Klongtruatroke, Ron Edlund, Tom Eyre, Jody McCardle, Curtis Stock, Ted Blank, Chris Harkness, Kate Wilinski and Laurie Erickson

Absent:  Betsy Wehrwein and Dick Dian

Staff Present: Jessie Bronk

  III.         Review, Amend, Approval of Agenda:    Motion: Approve the agenda. (Moon-Spence) Passed.



A.     Board Chair Report: Jon Knox talked to Rhett McSweeney about Sholom Home/Traditions. His business has gone through some personnel changes and financial challenges.  He is hoping to start construction on Traditions by the end of this year. He is aware that the property has been placed on the vacant properties list. (Jessie reported that the city will charge $1200 per month for this.) He plans to have security at the site during the Fair.

B.     Treasurer’s Report: Our finances are in good shape. With approx. 58% of the year lapsed, we lag our forecast by 3%. The current cash balance is $26.7 Thousand, up $11.1K from June. Grants Receivable $8.8 Thousand, down $8.8 Thousand from June. Como Fest reported expenses are at $807 with income at $290 currently. Yoga in the Park is much more profitable this year, we have already received $285 as compared to $91 last year. There were no other material changes to report for July. Our 990 form is ready to be filed.

C.     Snelling Avenue Multi-Modal Transportation Plan: Bil Goff, MnDOT Project Manager, was present to report on the work of the study so far. The Study area is from Selby to Midway Parkway. Betty McCollum had secured federal money to study transportation along Snelling Ave. between those boundaries. Snelling has very heavy traffic currently, and more is expected when the light rail opens in 2014. MTC is planning to institute a rapid bus system on Snelling Ave. to better serve the light rail connection. Snelling is not friendly for bikes and pedestrians. The right-of-way is not sufficient to meet all needs. There are ADA access issues. The Multi-Modal Transportation Plan is looking at short and long-term solutions. Issues that are probably of most concern to District 10 include: bike connectivity, calming traffic speeds, making pedestrian crossings safer, and enhancing sidewalks. Traffic levels on Snelling Ave. are comparable to traffic on 35W in Blaine. MnDOT is not planning to secure any more land to increase the right-of-way. Kim Moon asked about changing signage to direct traffic from Highways 36 and 94 to additional streets besides Lexington. Snelling is a state highway, but the City of St. Paul maintains the street and the lights.

D.    Saint Paul Port Authority: Bea Kyle and Lee Kruger presented information on the purpose of the Port Authority. It is a state entity, created in 1929. St. Paul is the northernmost port on the Mississippi. Powers were later expanded to include economic development. One of the missions is to make it attractive for business, including industrial development, to come back to the city core. Although the Port Authority is a state agency, it has a board appointed by the Mayor of the City of St. Paul. A third of St. Paul's land area is tax exempt (parks, schools, churches). The largest land use in St. Paul is residential. The Port Authority acknowledges the important of the uniqueness of neighborhoods. Residential areas pay taxes, but not enough to pay for the services required.  One-third of the taxable land is industrial. St. Paul is a significant distribution and transportation hub. Industrial land pays more in taxes than it consumes in services. One of the missions of the Port Authority, in developing more industry, is to provide jobs to the citizens of St. Paul. The Port Authority is involved with the redevelopment of the Ford Plant in Highland. Current thought is that it will be mixed use. One of the Port Authority's priorities is to preserve industrial-zoned land. Community involvement is very important in the process. Panod Klongtruatroke asked if it would be beneficial to facilitate a business consortium in Energy Park in order to engage that area with the general community more. Bea offered to discuss this with us more in the future.

E.     Miscellaneous community discussion: none


A.    Review/Amend/Approve Minutes & Financial Statements

Motion: Approve minutes of 7/17/2012 meeting. (Moon-Spence) Passed


B.     Staff Report: Jessie Bronk reported that Como Fest is being evaluated by the participant sponsors. One meeting of the partners has occurred and another is planned. The Neighborhood clean up is coming up on 9/27. Jessie is recruiting volunteers. She needs a total of 30. The number of National Night Out participants was about the same as last year.

a.     Annual Appeal letter: The Operations Committee has drafted a fundraising letter. Estimated cost is approximately $2,400.00 for copying and mailing. Penny suggested using the City of Saint Paul Geographic Information System, GISmo, to organize the mailing list for free, which would save over $500. Penny suggested Diane Wanner as a possible resource for assistance. Penny and Panod offered to help with this. Most district councils send fundraising letters. 


Motion: Authorize the expenditure for the bulk mailing license. (Harkness-Edlund). Approved.


Motion: Approve the letter as drafted with the minor changes suggested.  (Klongtruatroke-Harkness). Approved.


b.     Vacation: Jessie will be on vacation from September 1 to September 18.


C.     Sholom Home: Jon covered this topic in his chair's report earlier in the meeting.


D.    Pancake Breakfast: Penny volunteered to chair the event again. It will be the Saturday before Halloween. Penny will call Kate at the Job Corps. Jon asked that tickets be ready before the next Board meeting in September. Panod offered to help Penny.


E.     Elections and Recruitment Committee: The annual meeting is in October this year. Half of the board terms are up this year. Panod would like to create a recruitment committee. The Executive Committee typically has done this. Curtis Stock offered to assist. This will be on the agenda of the next EC meeting on September 5th.


F.    Committee Updates

a.     Land Use Committee: Kim Moon reported that we discussed State Fair parking and Lynne Menturweck 's boulevard bear sculpture that she would like to replace. She does not want to have the bear sculpture in her yard. The city wants her to go through the public art process, but she is running into trouble with her homeowner's insurance.  D10 cannot help with the homeowner's insurance issue. Kim told Lynn that we would discuss this further in Land Use.

b.     District Plan Ad Hoc Committee: Chris Harkness reported that the intern is starting to do good work for the ad hoc committee.

c.      Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee: Ted Blank reported on two recent topics of community discussion:

Dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs: In April, a young child in District 10 was bitten by a dog, which had been designated by the City of St. Paul as “potentially dangerous.” The Neighborhood Relations & Safety Committee held a community meeting in August, which was attended by approximately 100 community members. Following the community discussion at this meeting, the Committee unanimously approved the following resolution:

The committee will report back at next month’s meeting with answers to follow-up questions unable to be answered during the meeting. The committee will work to proactively disseminate information on bite prevention, such as through block leaders and through the e- newsletter/quarterly newsletter. The committee will investigate offering a dog bite prevention/dog safety workshop. The committee will encourage the City to have better notification/identification of potentially dangerous dogs. The committee assures that breed specific legislation is not on our agenda.

Motion: Request Board approval to send letter to Councilmembers Stark and Brendmoen encouraging them to support efforts to improve the community notification and visible identification of potentially dangerous dogs in the City of St. Paul. (Moon-Spence).  Approved.


Hamline/Nebraska Intersection: In May, members of the NRSC and community members met with Councilmember Stark at the corner of Hamline and Nebraska Avenues to discuss longstanding community concerns about the safety of the crosswalk. At the May meeting, attendees observed dozens of incidences of vehicles failing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Follow up discussions between Councilperson Stark and the City of St. Paul’s Public Works department resulted in a recommendation that bump outs be installed at the intersection at a cost of approximately $25,000, to be funded jointly by Public Works and Stark’s neighborhood STAR funds.

Motion: Request Board approval to submit STAR funding application to seek funds to build bump outs to improve pedestrian safety at Hamline/Nebraska Intersection, in cooperation with Councilmember Russ Stark’s office. (Blank-Edlund). Passed.

d.     District Operations Committee: Jody McCardle reported that the Block Nurse Program will find out if they have received a grant. She would like to do a health fair or presentation to District 10, and there would be some funds available for District 10.

e.     Environment Committee: Ron Edlund is resigning as chair of the Environment Committee and does not plan on remaining on the committee. Jessie asked how the Environment Committee meeting will work in September as she will be out of town. Ron was the only board member on the committee. The next meeting of the Environment Committee is on Wednesday, September 19.

f.      Bylaw Review- ad hoc Committee: Panod Klongtruatroke had sent out a draft of the revised Bylaws prior to the meeting. He invited Board input, and hopes to put the draft online for community review on this Friday. Panod requested that the one-year term of the ad hoc committee is up, and he is requesting an extension. 

Motion: Approve the extension of the ad hoc committee to November 2012 (Klongtruatroke-Spence). Approved.


     V.         Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 9:14 p.m.

Motion to adjourn. (Moon-Spence)  Passed.


Respectfully submitted by Linda R. Hinderscheit, Secretary

These minutes were approved on 9/18/2012

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