Lexington Will Get Different Stripes
Thursday, September 6, 2018 1:55 PM

The restriping will look something like this (north is at the top)
Ramsey County and Saint Paul have agreed to restripe Lexington Parkway between Orchard and the Horton/Como intersection. The decision follows months of prodding from District 10 to come up with lane configurations that make more sense. The restriping is expected to take place the week of Sept. 10.
The most noticeable change will be northbound. The two lanes coming north from the Energy Park Drive/Front stoplight now will merge into one lane before reaching the railroad bridge. The new configuration has three advantages:
  • It steers traffic toward the center of the bridge, which has a higher clearance than the existing curb lane. This should reduce (maybe even eliminate?) the number of moving vans and service trucks that hit the bridge every year.
  • It eliminates the existing “weave” north of the tracks, where the left lane suddenly disappears to make room for a left-turn lane at Wynne. (In a District 10 survey of neighborhood residents in spring 2017, 90 percent of respondents supported eliminating this “weave.”)
  • It gives pedestrians using the sidewalk on the east side of Lexington more separation from traffic when crossing under the bridge.
The existing left-turn lane onto Wynne and into the McMurray Field/Como Pool area remains. Thru traffic continues northbound in one lane, just as it currently does. Parking on the east side of Lexington is not affected. However, once traffic approaches the Horton/Como intersection, three other modifications kick in:
  • A longer turn lane will be painted for traffic turning left onto Como. This will accommodate backups that now occur during busy days.
  • The “center” lane now will be painted with a straight arrow, for traffic continuing north into the park.
  • The existing right lane will be designated as right-turn only onto Horton. This should eliminate the number of situations where two vehicles drag-race into the park -- because as we all know, the pavement again narrows to one lane.
The restriping will have fewer noticeable effects for southbound traffic on Lexington:
  • At the Wynne/Como stoplight, the existing three southbound lanes will be officially designated as left-turn, thru, and right-turn – which is the practice most people now follow anyway.
  • Approaching the railroad bridge, the painted shoulder will widen even more than it does now, so southbound traffic also will be steered toward the center of the bridge.

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