Let’s Keep Snow Parking Regulations Straight
Sunday, March 3, 2019 2:55 PM

Photo: Minnesota Public Radio

For the rest of March, you cannot park on the even-numbered side of residential streets anywhere in Saint Paul. The one-sided parking ban makes it possible for emergency vehicles (and all of us, frankly) to get through the snow tunnels. It’s the same concept that applies to many of our neighborhood streets during the State Fair. (The even-numbered side of the street has addresses that end in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8; generally, that means you cannot park on the east and south sides of residential streets.)

However: When there is a snow emergency, snow emergency rules take priority. During a snow emergency, ignore the even-odd rules and follow the usual night plowing-day plowing protocol. Generally, during night plowing, you cannot park on arterial streets or on the side of north-south residential streets that are marked with a “night plow route” sign. During day plowing, you generally cannot park east-west residential streets or on the side of north-side residential streets that is not marked as a “night plow route.”

When the snow emergency is over, one-sided parking restrictions go back into effect. See the city’s map of where one-sided parking restrictions apply. In general, in District 10, the restrictions apply everywhere except:

  • Arlington from Pascal to Hamline
  • Arlington from Victoria to Dale
  • Bandana Blvd. W
  • Breda from Winston to Snelling
  • Brewster St.
  • Canfield from Snelling to Arona
  • Chatsworth from Van Slyke to Front
  • Como Ave. from the Fairgrounds to Chatsworth
  • Como Ave. from Nagasaki Drive to Dale
  • Dale St.
  • East Como Blvd.
  • East Como Lake Drive
  • East Snelling Service Road south of Brewster
  • Energy Lane
  • Energy Park Drive
  • Front Ave.
  • Grotto from Iowa to Wheelock
  • Hamline Ave.
  • Hoyt from Snelling to Grotto
  • Jessamine from Pascal to Hamline
  • Larpenteur Ave.
  • Lexington Parkway
  • Maryland Ave.
  • Midway Parkway
  • Nagasaki Drive
  • Nebraska from Snelling to Simpson
  • Norris Circle
  • Pascal from Arlington to Jessamine
  • Snelling Ave. and ramps
  • Van Slyke from Horton to Chatsworth
  • Victoria St.
  • West Snelling Service Road south of Wynney
  • Wheelock Parkway
  • Wynne Ave. from Beulah Lane to Lexington

Photo: Minnesota Public Radio

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