City Will Attempt All of Como Trail Work This Summer
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 3:25 PM


Here’s the bright side of cancelling the State Fair: It gives Saint Paul and Ramsey County a chance to maximize this summer and rebuild all of Como Ave. between Hamline Ave. and the Raymond/Cleveland intersection now.

Originally, work was going to be split between 2020 and 2021. Now, construction is scheduled to begin in July and finish by the end of October, says project manager Don Pflaum. Trees will be planted and other landscaping finished in spring 2021.

The reconstruction includes building the Como Avenue Trail along the entire 2.5-mile stretch on the north side of Como. The off-street trail for bicycles and pedestrians is part of the Saint Paul Grand Round. Federal funds are paying for much of the work. Reconstruction also includes sewer work and reconfiguring much of the road itself

Between Hamline and Snelling

  • On the north side of Como, the sidewalk stays where it is. The design then extends the grass boulevard farther south in order to keep most of the existing trees; adds the 10-foot wide, 2-way bike trail; and creates a new, 5-foot wide grass boulevard for street lights and snow storage. For greater visibility and safety, there will be raised (or “tabled”) pavement where the trail and sidewalk cross east-west at Pascal and Arona. Overall, the sidewalk and boulevard widen from their current width of 22 feet to what the design calls a “pedestrian realm” of 34 feet.
  • The street itself narrows from its current width of 50 feet to 38 feet. That’s still wide enough to accommodate an 8-foot parking lane on each side of Como, and an 11-foot driving lane in each direction.The narrower street should also make it easier for pedestrians to cross Como north-south.
  • The south side of Como will remain essentially unchanged, with the existing sidewalk and boulevard where they are.
  • There is a modified configuration between Arona and Snelling to accommodate the existing parking and median near the Como-Snelling business district.

West of Snelling

  • The off-street trail remains on the north side of Como along the State Fairgrounds. But the trail widens to 12 feet to handle both cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Between Snelling and the University of Minnesota transit way, Como Ave. will be 48 feet wide – accommodating one lane of vehicle traffic in both directions, an on-street bicycle lanes in each direction, and a center turn lane. That’s generally 10 feet narrower than the existing configuration.
  • During the two weeks of the State Fair, this stretch will be restriped to handle two vehicle lanes in each direction, similar to what occurs now.

Between the transit way and Cleveland/Raymond

  • The 12-foot-wide, off-street trail remains on the north side of Como along the University of Minnesota’s Saint Paul campus.
  • The street will remain pretty much as it is now: one lane of vehicle traffic in each direction, parking on each side of Como, and an on-street bike lane in each direction.

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