Big Changes Coming to Route 3
Friday, February 19, 2021 9:30 AM

This bus stop at Front and Oxford is among those scheduled to be eliminated along Routes 3A and 3B in Como.

Metro Transit is studying significant alterations along Route 3, including in Como, that could be a done deal by the end of summer. Among changes proposed as part of the “Better Bus Routes” initiative: Eliminating some bus stops to reduce travel time (but, of course, increase walking time). More than two dozen of the stops scheduled for elimination are in Como.

On Route 3A:

  • Eastbound and westbound stops at Como/Horton and Lexington
  • The eastbound stop at Van Slyke and Como
  • The westbound stop at Chatsworth and West Como Blvd.
  • Eastbound and westbound stops at Como Ave. and Ryde, and at Como Ave. and Milton
  • The westbound stop at East Como Blvd. across from Rose
  • The eastbound and westbound stops at Maryland and St. Albans

On Route 3B:

  • The eastbound and westbound stops at Energy Park Drive and the Snelling access ramp
  • The eastbound and westbound stops at Energy Park Drive near Energy Lane, and at Energy Park Drive near Bandana Blvd. E.
  • The eastbound stop at Energy Park Drive at Lexington
  • The eastbound and westbound stops at Front and Oxford, Front and Ryde, Front and Avon, and Front and St. Albans

Other changes that are part of the initiative:Relocating some stops to the far side of stoplights, to reduce delays. None of these are in Como.

  • Installing concrete pads and shelters at selected stops, to improve accessibility and rider comfort. (Metro Transit has not publicly announced which stops will be upgraded.)
  • Adjusting the route alignment and schedule, though none of the proposed changes are in Como.
  • Expanding the no-parking zone around some bus stops.

These changes would happen whether or not Route 3 gets upgraded to high-frequency Bus Rapid Transit sometime after 2025. Once you read more details of the proposed changes (or watch a 2-minute video of highlights), you can take this survey to offer feedback.

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