Minutes - 9/2007
Saturday, September 01, 2007 3:55 PM


District 10 Como Community Council  

Board of Directors Meeting 

7 p.m., September 18, 2007 

Streetcar Station, 1224 N. Lexington Parkway 




1. Interim Chair Nathan Volz called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.  Board members in 

attendance were:  Jeremy Lostetter, Bart Polasek, Greg Hrncirik, Luke Kuhl, Seyoya 

Cotner, Nancy Sabin and Sharon Frisell.  Jillian Ierien and Bily Dinkel were excused. 


2. The July and August financial reports were reviewed and voted approved.  It was agreed 

it was permissible to forward an electronic copy of the bank statement to the accountant’s 



3. The staff report was reviewed.  The crime statistics were reviewed.   There were 

questions regarding 48 car break ins over 7 weeks, 36 of these were in Como Park.   Last 

spring SPPD sent undercover officers to the pavilion area, this seemed 

to lower the number of thefts, possibly this could happen again. 


Community Section 


4. The status of Northwest Como was discussed. There is not much information  

being disseminated on this, outside of the Ward 4 office saying it’s safe for 2008. 

Sharon Frisell will try to keep in contact with the surrounding neighborhood, regarding 

possible future closing plans. 


5. John Marino was elected to an At- large Board seat.  He will be out of the country  

for the annual meeting but will return shortly after. He has volunteered to co-chair the 

Communications Committee. 


Board Section 


6. Resolution LU918071 was laid over. 


7. The Neighborhood Cleanup was discussed, as was it’s being assigned to a committee.  

The consensus was it was too large an event for one committee, thus it will have it’s own, 

chaired by Dennis O’Rourke and Sehoya Cotner. 


8. 2008 planning and goal setting.  All committees are urged to work towards an 

overarching plan that would include 5 to 8 goals and accompanying activities. 


9. Committee reports:  were included in packets.  The public art installation celebration is 

scheduled for October 1, 6 p.m. 

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