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 Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

January 7, 2009 

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District 10 Community Council 

Executive Committee Meeting 

Historic Streetcar Station 

January 7, 2009 7:00 p.m. 





Present: David Arbeit, Ted Shue, Marcy Micek, Lori Klongtruatroke, Camille Schafer 

Guests: Mike MacDonald, Matt Schmitt 




Call to Order 




Approve Agenda 

Marcy moved to approve. Ted seconded.  Agenda unanimously approved. 



Review/Approve December Minutes 




Chair Report (David) 


COPP (Community Organization Partnership Program) grant applications were submitted 

to Councilmember Russ Start for 2008 and 2009 funding.  We should know by the end of 

the month how much we will receive from these grants.  We should know by end of 



David requested in writing to the city that the rent expense not be increased for the next 

two years, that District 10 be allocated another night per month to hold meetings, and that 

there be a designated parking spot for the community organizer.   


Invitations are going out for the volunteer appreciation event on January 23rd.   


Work is going to start on work plans. 



Financial Update (Marcy) 


The 2009 budget will be presented to the Board at our next meeting. We will need to 

adjust the budget for insurance and may need to make an adjustment to the budget 

depending on the level of COPP funding we receive. 


Development Committee – at the January meeting Leah will explain to the Board what 

our responsibilities are as Board members. 


Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

January 7, 2009 

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David asked how far our cash reserve could take us into the year before receiving 

reimbursement from the City.  Marcy said 3 to 4 months. 



Organizer Report -- Activities and Issues 

Camille estimated that our 2008 cash outlays will exceed cash revenue by $2300.  David 

explained items may need to be cut if COPP money does not come through.   


Marcy will try to attend a meeting held by the League of Women Voters regarding the 

impact the lack of funding will have on the City.   


CIB task force appointments need to be done by Feb. 2nd 2009.  Tom Olesak has 

expressed an interest.   


The police meeting for this month will be the day before the Board meeting. 


Tuesday the 13th (6:30p-8pm) there will be a meeting with Lee Helgen to discuss the 

impact of cuts to the City budget on the Districts.  If Marcy cannot go, David will go. 


Rhonda discussed the Como Park pool issues that are going on right now.  Things are 

happening fast and deadlines are approaching.  She suggested a meeting on January 17, 

2009 here at the Streetcar station.  She suggested inviting District 6, Como Park Alliance, 

and Dist. 10 Community Council.  It would be the community’s time to have input.  We 

should also have Marsha come to the next Board meeting.  David said that he does not 

consider it appropriate to call this a District 10 Community meeting without discussing it 

with the Board, but that it would be appropriate for District 10 to offer to host a CPA 

meeing.  David agreed that if all parties agree on the date we should go ahead with the 

meeting, but we will need to get the word out to the community as soon as possible.  Ted 

will double-check with Marsha Milgrom to ensure that she is comfortable with the date 

for the meeting.  We also need to ensure that Tom Olesak is involved and receiving 



Rhonda started working on the garage sale.  The date is always the weekend after 

Mother’s Day, so it will be held on that same weekend.  Rhonda suggested having a 

District 10 spot to have people donate for a garage sale to fundraise.   


Rhonda reported that District 10 and District 6 are working on having two senior fairs 

this year. 


Sharon Frisell is working with the Humphrey Job Corps, but they want to have Rhonda as 

a board member as a liaison.  




 Environment Committee Grant Request (Mike MacDonald) 

The rain barrel workshop being proposed this year would only be held one day, would 

cost participants more, and ask for less money from the Capital Region Watershed 

District to help cover the additional costs.  Mike will set up a budget in the grant 

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

January 7, 2009 

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proposal.  The grant application will be brought to the Board in the January meeting as an 

action item.   



Work Plan 


Environment Committee Work Plan (Mike MacDonald) 

David would like to see the work plan included in the Board packet for the January 

meeting in order to let the Board weigh in and to allow others to see an example of a 

completed work plan. 



The work plans are intended to give the Board the energy and direction for the year.  

Using the template will help the chairs of the committees in helping to figure out their 

goals.  We should have all of the work plans for review by the next Executive Committee 




Agenda for January Board Meeting 



Guest Speaker Options 




Capitol Region Watershed District rep. 

David would like to invite them to a Board meeting.  They won a major award for 

the rain garden and storm water management that was completed in the Midway 

Parkway/Hamline area.  The Capitol Region Watershed District Office is in the 

Energy Park area. 



Pastor Martin Cricson, Como Park Lutheran Church 

Como Park Lutheran Church is starting a strategic planning process and has 

requested input from District 10.  David has invited Pastor Cricson to address the 

Board, but nothing is yet planned. 



Como Park Pool Plan 

Rhonda feels this should be a major part of the community part of the Board 

meeting in January.  Rhonda will contact Marsha Milgrom and Susan Janda in 

regards to this. 



Reports/Discussion/Update Items 

Mark Camille reported that the Neighborhood Safety Committee is working on its 

work plan.  They need more people on the committee.  Rhonda thinks a meeting 

reminder email would help.  David will follow-up with Marc Prokosch. 


Ted – Land Use - Lee Helgen is going to come and talk at the next meeting about the 

Lexington & Larpenteur node study.  The owner of Patrick’s Bar will come and 

discuss the sale of the bar.  Luke Kuhl (former Board member) will come and help 

get the charter and work plan completed.  Ted will distribute a copy of the Small Area 

Plan for everyone.  The next meeting will be at the Java Train. 


Matt – Communications – They are working on the web site and the work.  Everyone 

Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

January 7, 2009 

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on the committee is very active.  Misty is working on the backend of the new site.   






Marcy moved to adjourn. 


Meeting minutes submitted by Lori Klongtruatroke 


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