Hmong International Freedom Celebration 2010 - information and sound variance request
Thursday, June 10, 2010 1:20 PM

Lao Family Inc, has applied for a sound level variance for activities to be held at Como Park (MacMurray Field) on July 3rd and 4th, 2010.

Minutes from a June 8th, 2010 informational meeting was provided by District 6. The sound variance request is included; the City Council will review the variance request at the Council Chambers, 5:30 Wednesday June 16th. Interested members of the public are encouraged to attend.


Provided by District 6:

Hmong International Freedom Celebration – Public Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2010, Como Streetcar Station, 6:30 – 8:00pm

Officer Frazier led meeting. Councilmember Lee Helgen was present, the president of the event sat in to answer questions, as well as other representatives from SPPD, Parks and Rec, District 10, and District 6. Around 12 residents attended.

Report all non-emergency issues here, including parking, trash, noise, loading issues, etc. This is an event line and the issue will be resolved faster than reporting through normal dispatch.

Event Dates: July 3 and 4
Set up: stops 9pm on Friday; event officers enforce this from 9pm – 10pm; 10pm – 12am vendors can return on foot if they choose.
At midnight the main entrance gates will be locked, addressing overnight flow. There will be surveillance to make sure this is enforced.
Load out: Sunday night, beginning around 9pm (after last trash haul); event officers will be there until 3am; vendors have until 9am to vacate (on contract)
Vendors will receive a flyer in multiple languages that spell out the rules and regulations for parking and loading

Gates open to public at 6am (due to early soccer games); the bulk of the attendees begin to arrive at 9 am.
Games end 9pm-10pm.
There will be 3 groups of officers during event hours, including a car on the east and west side of the event and officers inside event
A grant has been obtained for an additional car that has equipment to check plates of all passing cars to see if it is a stolen vehicle
At night will be the normal Western Police schedule
All shifts overlap, and at least 5 more officers will be on duty since it is a holiday weekend
Non-emergency cell number is 24 hours and residents are strongly encouraged to use the number to report issues

Parking---Goal: to push people to State Fair Overflow Parking
Traffic Engineers from Public Works have devised a plan to direct traffic flow to the State Fair Parking
Plan should address traffic from Energy Park and Lexington, Larpenteur, and Snelling—all directing to State Fair
Looking into signage on highways
Saw horses will be put at every intersection (Horton – Jessamine, Lexington – Chatsworth) and read: NO EVENT PARKING
Beyond saw horses, these streets will be one-sided parking
--One-sided parking seems to be the best compromise for those going to the event and residents--in the past there have been issues with permit use and the subject of banning parking

Private parking (such as US Bank lot) along Energy Park South of Jessamine is not an option this year, but may be an option for upcoming years
Signage (no stopping, no parking, directing toward State Fair), Officers, and Reserve Officers will enforce traffic flow priorities and direct traffic toward shuttles
Ad campaign includes radio and newspaper announcements telling people not to park in neighborhoods and promoting shuttle service
Towing is enforced (use non-emergency number given to report); there were close to 350 cars towed last year for violating parking rules

Bus Shuttle Drop Off
Shuttles more customer friendly this year:
Increase from 2 shuttles to 10 shuttles
Coach buses instead of school buses
Drop Off area by the Streetcar bridge.
MTC is giving the event exclusive use of this area
Traffic Control Officers will be directing bus traffic

Noise Variance
NEW this year: permit to formalize process of PA system
Met with Sound Engineers through DSI (Bill Gunther is a DSI contact for more information)
Sets limit to hours, level of intensity
See attached Resolution for details
Residents encouraged to attend Council Chambers at 5:30 Wednesday June 16th for the public hearing and public comment. DSI will host the event

Neighborhood Litter
Parks is having additional pick-ups the morning after the event
Call the non-emergency number (651-315-5019) to request additional pick-ups
Parks usually stays out of yards…call to request specific yard pick-up if necessary
Flyering has been changed to limit trash from flyers

Additional Issues/Concerns from Residents
High vacancy rate of homes during this weekend
Parking/blocking and unusual activity in alleys
Neighbors who try to cash in on parking by offering parking in yards
PA system: hours, volume, discipline for breaking rules in permit
Late night/Early morning hours of event, including set-up and load-out
Receiving notices for these public meetings (Churchill was missed in mailing)

Officers hope the new traffic plan will address most parking-related issues and concerns. The noise variance should help with PA concerns. The non-emergency number should also improve response times to issues. While the hours of the event cannot be changed for this year, altering hours of operation/loading can be looked at for upcoming years.


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