Benjamin Kowalsky-Grahek, Subdistrict 4


I am a five-year resident of South Como and a 10-year resident of St. Paul. This neighborhood and this city have been good to me: St. Paul gave me my education, I met my wife on the steps of the State Capitol, my daughter was born just last year and is raised right here in South Como.

Como has not only a beautiful asset in Como Park and Lake Como, but also easy access to great public, charter and magnet schools, and a diverse and energetic community who are eager to see the neighborhood develop more.

I love the fact that I can walk around Lake Como any day of the week with our dog Napoleon and say good morning to everyone I meet and I'm always greeted back with a smile.

I love the fact that our community is so engaged in environmental issues and cares deeply about sustainability and the preservation of our natural assets in Lake Como and Como Park.

There's also so much more to this neighborhood, and so much more that feels like it's just over the horizon. Development of community resources like access to fresh food, more affordable housing or mixed use areas, and better pedestrian- and cycle-friendly infrastructure have been my top areas of opportunity for the neighborhood.

I'm a marketing director by trade, a writer by calling, a brewer by hobby. Avid meditator and an enthusiastic listener, especially over a pint of homebrew.

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