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Community Council Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009
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District 10 Community Council
Community Council Meeting
Historic Streetcar Station
June 16th, 2009 - 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Directors present: David Arbeit, Ted Sheu, Lori Klongtruatroke, Scott Baker, Barbara Clark,
Marcy Micek, Matt Schmitt, Ken Kunkle, Mike MacDonald, John Bjork, Chris Martineau,
Barbara Frick, Karl Koch.
Directors absent:
Directors excused: Misty Havens, Sehoya Cotner,
Staff present: Camille Schafer
1. Call to Order
by David Arbeit at 7:02pm
2. Review, Amend, Approve Agenda.
Ted Sheu motioned for approval. Mike MacDonald seconded. Agenda approved
3. Community section
a. Como Park Alliance (Susan Jane Cheney)
This group was organized to focus specifically on the welfare of the Park and involve
park advocates regardless of where they live. One of the projects the Alliance has
worked on is the Como Park Historical walking tour. Information is available for
download at their web site (www.comoparkalliance.org). Another project the Alliance
is involved in is the Como Outdoor Classroom. The Alliance also is involved in the
replacement of the Como Pool and the Como Park Shuttle, and trying to get funding
for historical features of Como Park.
Ken Kunkle asked about the Alliance’s position on the pool. Susan explained that the
group as a whole does not have an opinion, but that some of the individuals have been
outspoken about the pool. She went on to explain that a survey conducted by the
Alliance pool committee showed that while residents are asking for a replacement
pool for the community, they do not support features that would draw more
participants to the park and exacerbate parking and traffic issues that currently exist.
Community Council Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009
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The Alliance does not have non-profit status. Rhonda DeBough is a founding
member of the Alliance. David noted that he has asked Rhonda to be clear that she
does not speak for the Board or represent the District Council. Ken asked Susan
about possible overlap between her being on the Alliance and on the Environment
Committee with District 10. Susan responded that the Alliance works strictly with
Como Park issues rather than the entire district. Another highlight about the Como
Park Alliance is that members do not have to live in the district to participate as
members as they do with District 10.
b. Shuttle Introduction/Traffic/Parking (Martineau)
The meeting on Thursday, June 6th was held to introduce the shuttles to the
community. There already has been a larger than anticipated number of riders using
the shuttle. Riders are filling out surveys to help assess the experience and what
works and what improvements may be made. The Neighborhood Relations
Committee will be hosting a public meeting about park traffic in September. Chris
also has asked the City about its assessment of the capacity of Como Park.
c. Lexington/Larpenteur/California/MGM (Sheu)
There will be another meeting of the ad hoc committee on June 22nd. Ted spoke
about the Court of Appeals decision handed down on June 2nd in regards to MGM.
There is an explanation in the June newsletter about this decision. MGM will be
invited to the ad hoc committee meetings. Ted feels that the City will be looking to
the community for direction going forward with the MGM lawsuit. Howard Paster is
committing to have a staff member at all of the upcoming ad hoc meetings in order to
be fully engaged in the community.
d. Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) (Arbeit/Kunkle)
Only one of the three items ranked by the district is recommended by the CIB, the
Como playground in the picnic grounds. David Arbeit spoke about the Como Pool
and the Como Outdoor Classroom not being recommended. The Mayor can modify
the recommendations, which would then end up before the City Council for approval.
David noted that capitol improvement projects are funded by bonds, which usually
are paid off over 30 years and are meant to be used for large, long-term projects.
Most of the projects that did get recommended are infrastructure in order to keep the
payers of the CIB (taxpayers) from being impacted too severely. The Como
Woodlands Classroom project to restore the Dutch ovens was removed from the CIB
list because another source of funding was found.
Ken Kunkle explained that several residents expressed concern about being
misinformed by the City about the pool planning process and that some of them
brought their concerns to the CIB hearings. Others indicated that they were wellinformed.
Ken expressed concern that no pool will be built and noted that he will
bring a recommendation before the board next month recommending funding for a
pool for community use.
e. Election for Vacant At-Large Position
There were three candidates for the At-Large position vacated by John Bjork, which
Community Council Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009
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runs through October, 2010: Chris Harkness, Barbara Nelson, and Sandi Krohn.
Chris Harkness was elected.
f. Other
Mike MacDonald spoke about the Back to the 50’s event this weekend and the
parking restrictions that will likely be in place.
4. Review, Amend, Approve May Minutes
David will have some revisions.
Marcy moved to approve the May minutes, with revisions. Ted seconded.
Approved unanimously.
5. Board Updates
a. Board Chair report – David Arbeit
The Governor announced his unallotments today, which will have an impact on St.
Paul’s State Aid. Mayor Coleman will be talking about the effects on the City budget
tomorrow morning on MPR. We will want to keep our eye on it since it will likely
have an impact on the community and on funding for the district. David praised the
committee chairs and committee members for their continued hard work and active
b. Treasurer report – Marcy Micek
Marcy Micek and Camille got the IRS 990 form straightened out with the accountant.
It will be brought before the Exec. Committee for approval in July. Ken moved to
accept the report. Mike seconded. Report was accepted unanimously.
c. Staff report - Staff
Josh Witte, formerly our Job Corps intern and now our part time staff presented
Rhonda’s highlights. He is taking over for Rhonda while she is on vacation. He sent
out his first email blast and saw a reflection in the number of new facebook friends.
David Arbeit highlighted the Senior Fair on July 9th at Lyngblomsten. There is a need
for board members to help out with that event. There is a Board Basics training
coming up. David encouraged members who haven’t yet taken it to sign up.
Camille spoke about the low amount of crime currently in the district in regards to car
break-ins, but there is a plan in place for when they do spike this summer. She also
spoke about the construction on Como Ave during Back to the 50’s this year – it will
cause most of the traffic to be coming and going out of the Snelling Ave. exit.
d. Committee reports – Committee Chairs
Matt Schmitt (Communications Committee) – The newsletter will be going out for
the first time as an insert in the Monitor in the early part of July. Board members will
be receiving an email to check and make sure the newsletter is being received in the
paper. The web site is moving along and should be soft-launched soon. Marcy wants
to ensure that the Development Committee has their minutes added to the new site.
Board members can submit information to Misty to be placed on the web site.
Community Council Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009
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Ken Kunkle (Neighborhood Safety Committee) – He has started using Google
Maps to map out crime in the district.
Chris Martineau (Neighborhood Relations Committee) – There will be
community nights with ½ price rides for the neighborhood at Como Park. These
events will be happening three times this summer. There was a shuttle meeting and
the traffic meeting will be on Sept. 24th. Chris is seeking to find out from the city
what would be an ideal number for capacity of the park, and he is also working on
permit parking for residents immediately surrounding the park. The neighborhood
will also be able to address the shuttle, how well it worked, and how it can be
improved. The noise coming from Como Town has begun to be an issue with
neighbors and it is going be addressed by Lancer. They will also be attending the
next meeting. This will be in the next email blast so that the community is aware of
the upcoming meeting.
Ted Sheu – (Land Use Committee) – Josh Williams did not have anything for him
yet in terms of a revised Small Area Plan. The Lexington/Larpenteur meetings are
now underway.
Mike MacDonald – (Environment Committee) - The Tree Trek/historical tour/trash
pick-up at the Como Lake cleanup community event had a good turn out.
6. Discussion Items
a. Fiscal sponsor for grant applications (Micek)
Marcy recommended having some of the attorneys on the board sit down and look
through some information to help determine if this is something the board should
offer the community. Ken Kunkle, Scott Baker and Chris Martineau all agreed to
look through the material.
b. City Public/Private Partnership Policy (Annie Johnson)
Annie Johnson, an intern from UW-River Falls, introduced herself. She is going to be
studying public-private partnerships currently in place and will be working on making
general recommendations to the City about how to create effective partnerships. The
recommendations will be submitted by September after approval from the board.
7. Action Items
a. District Councils Collaborative Membership (Executive Committee)
Requested Action: Authorize the Council Chair to decline membership invitation of
the District Council Collaborative
David presented recommendation from Executive Committee to decline invitation to
District 10 to participate on Board of DCC. There has been limited interest in
member participation as the DCC has focused exclusively upon the Central Corridor
Light Rail project. The Executive Committee noted that DCC involvement would
divert attention from more immediate issues within District 10.
Community Council Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2009
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Motioned by David; Seconded by Ted
Amendment by Ken Kunkle: Amend resoultion to express intent to participate in
the DCC transportation subcommittee.
Barbara Clark recommended asking for a member of the community in the email
blast if no Board member was interested in serving, since the participant does not
have to be a board member.
Motioned by David; Seconded by Marcy. Passed unanimously
b. Community Council Funding Resolution (Arbeit)
Requested Action: Pass resolution of support for maintaining funding for District
David asked for approval of resolution of support for Council system and for
authorization to write letter to Mayor Coleman about the Board action.
Motioned by David Arbeit. Seconded by Ted Sheu. Passed unanimously
c. Traffic Calming Grant (Micek)
Requested Action: Approve grant request and acceptance from Public Art St. Paul.
Action item did not pass – not unanimous
d. Friends of Parks and Trails Award nominations (MacDonald)
Requested Action: Endorse Environment Committee nomination
Mike MacDonald submitted the community member Deb Robinson for the award and
she has been asked to attend the event. Mike is looking for a board endorsement for
the recommendation.
Motioned by Mike MacDonald. Seconded by David Arbeit. Passed unanimously
8. Future Agendas
Barbara Clark wanted to see if there is a half-year goals met checklist for the committees
to see how committees are doing in achieving their goals. She also wants to ensure that
staff time is used appropriately.
Matt Schmitt suggested holding the Community Council meetings at different locations
throughout the district.
9. Adjourn
Marcy motioned to adjourn. Ted seconded.
Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm
Minutes prepared by Lori Klongtruatroke

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