Agenda May 10, 7 PM at Street Car Station
Sunday, May 09, 2010 9:25 PM


District 10 Community Council
Combined Land Use and Ad Hoc Committee
Monday, May 10, 2010, 7:00 PM
Historic Streetcar Station
1.      Call to Order, Adoption of Agenda,                                                            7:00-7:05
2.      Welcome, introductions and announcements                                       7:05-7:10
3.      Approval of April 2009 Land Use Meeting Minutes                                7:10-7:15
4.      Approval of April 19 Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Minutes                    7:15-7:20                                
5.      Saint Paul Public Schools sign variance request                                  7:20-7:30
Three variances requested for Como Park Elementary:
Sign face size; Overall sign height; Digital message features
6.      Initial presentation of latest Paster Enterprises concept drawing       7:30-7:50
Because there has not yet been public notice of this plan,
the Committee will entertain questions;
however, this is not a formal community review.
7.      Request and action item for stop sign at Cottage and Grotto              7:50-8:00
            Committee will hear comments and
draft an action item for the May 18th Board Meeting.          
8.      Ad Hoc Committee report and action item                                               8:00-8:20
Committee will hear comments and
draft an action item for the May 18th Board Meeting.
9.      Action item for MGM’s final conceptual drawing                                      8:20-8:40
Committee will hear comments and
draft an action item for the May 18th Board Meeting.
10. Adjourn                                                                                                             8:45
*Community Input: The process we’ll use for community input will be announced. If you wish to speak publically be prepared to state your name and address for the record. In order that everyone who wishes to has time to speak, please limit your time to two minutes and focus your comments and questions solely on the plan being presented.
If you still have questions after the meeting you may submit your comment or concern in writing, you may write it on the half sheet provided and place it in the box at the sign in table OR send your comments/questions to Again, give us your name and address so we can follow up with you if we need to do so.
Thank you very much for coming tonight.
--The Land Use Committee

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